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It is commonly seen that children face a lot of problems in understanding mathematics and science, but today we are going to talk about a child who has mastered both subjects at his young age. The name of this child is Kiaan Amit Sawant who is from Mumbai Maharashtra. The 11-year old Kiaan is not only mastered in maths and science, but also in english and logical reasoning. Kiaan has won more than 50 awards in various fields at the national and international level. At the age of six, the child started showing his talent in different competitions. 

At this age, Kiaan can answer many difficult questions of mathematics and science. In the field of academics, he won more than 100 certificates and he has facilitated with more than 32 medals and 25 trophies. The boy from Maharashtra was awarded a national scholarship for his excellent english from the British Council by Science Olympiad Foundation for two consecutive years.

 For this olympiad, Kiaan was the only child to be recommended from his school “Rustomjee Cambridge International School”. Few of the achievements are:

  • International Rank 1 in Silverzone Smart Kid G. K. Olympiad
  • International Rank 1 in Silverzone International Olympiad of Mathematics
  • International Rank 1 in LogIQids – Logical Reasoning Olympiad
  • International Rank 1 in Silverzone International Olympiad of Science 
  • International Rank 1 in Silverzone International Olympiad of English Language

The intelligence of a child does not end here, but it is only a beginning. Apart from academics, and logical reasoning, a kid is also a master in coding. He has won first place in the coding competition for developing the app “Home Doctor”. Kiaan Amit Sawant is one of the 100 Child Prodigies selected by The Child Prodigy Magazine. 

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