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While most of the kids struggling to solve the complex questions of mathematics and science, there are child prodigies like Ishaan Pritam Nagpure who has helped society in the pandemic situation of Covid 19 by creating the sanitizer bots which move around to serve sanitizer and other things to patients. 12-year-old kid Ishaan is an excellent and innovative kid in the field of robotics and he has created various types of robots and he is pursuing robotics courses to learn more about bots. The child has created application-based robots to help and improve society. 

The kid has started his career with robotics classes which developed the kid’s interest in robotics and now he is able to create robots. He has participated in various inter-school competitions in Abu-Dhabi to present his skills in robotics. He has won the first prize for making the fire-rescue bot. Not only this, for helping society, he has developed many types of bots like farmer buddy bot which helps farmers in farming. 

About the child’s robotics career, his father added, “Ishan wants to help society for which he made many robots and he has done courses on apps. The kid has developed small apps like games, location access apps, and many more. He is a very curious kid to learn about new things and he loves robotics a lot.” Additionally, Ishaan wants to work for society’s welfare and if he sees any problem or severe issue around, he wants to implement robots to solve that issue. Ishaan was also part of eMUN (Model United Nation for children) for two years and he has participated in formal debates to discuss the solutions to the nation’s problems. 

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