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Today we are going to talk about the talent of a child prodigy whose name is Krithik Vijayakumar. 15-year-old Krithik is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India who has started his company Futura Robotics at the age of 14 years. Krithik Vijayakumar is always ready to do something crazy. Krithik Vijayakumar did not stop after completing 4 levels in new and innovative robotics. He has completed various robotics courses in a very short time. He is very dedicated to robotics and he understands the value of robotics in future. That’s why he has started teaching robotics to children at such a young age. At the present time, he is working as the Chief executive officer of Futura robotics. He takes summer and winter camps to students from grade 1 to grade 8. Due to his passion in robotics, he has earned various national and international awards. 

Few of his achievements and awards are:

  • Young Achiever Award at the national level by the Promising Indian Society in Year 2019
  • Runner Up in Robo Jallikattu at national level by the Robotz India in Year 2018
  • Jury’s Special Award in Science & Tech Festival at state level by Brahma- National STEM Education in Year 2018

Not only these, he is Tedx Speaker and also a winner of ICC World Cup Project Challenge at national level by the SP Robotics Words in 2019. 

Krithik Vijayakumar is a research and development specialist. He has also participated in many events. He is not only an entrepreneur but also a roboteer, coder, app developer, and Youtuber. Seeing his interest and enthusiasm towards robotics – He is selected as one of the child prodigies by The Child Prodigy Magazine. He has proved that there is no age limit to become a successful entrepreneur.

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