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The child prodigy that we are going to talk about today, his name is Master Sairagav.R. Sairagav. R studies in P.S. Senior Secondary School, Mylapore, Chennai. We can also call him multi-talented because he has received many awards in many areas.

In an interview, Sairagav says that “since I have more passion for science and since I had an intense knowledgeable thirst towards science, I have dreamt to achieve more in many fields like creating software apps, and moreover extra attention in science-related fields. One of the biggest dreams is to discover many innovative useful projects to make available for the use of public people and to benefit from my inventions.”

All the works done by him are very beneficial for the common man. Whatever projects this child has completed he has done himself. All the works done by it are very beneficial for the common man. This child has prepared soap capsules that are detergent based as well as alcohol-free. This idea came to his mind because the sanitiser is in liquid form then there is a fear of spreading it. The idea of alcohol-free sanitiser came because many people started itching due to alcohol. So he has got an award for these soap capsule inventions at the national level competition.

This child has designed a model elevator to help the disabled and the elderly. He has won an award for this innovative project. This model elevator works without any electricity. This prodigy learned the amazing medical science process, that is cardiopulmonary resuscitation which is a very important and emergency lifeboat. It is very beneficial for patients with sudden cardiac arrest. This child has done a practical demo on this cardiopulmonary resuscitation and this child has won the first prize for this demo in international level competition.

Apart from this, this child has made many small apps which will be useful in our day to day life such as Music App for relaxation, digital clock App, Web browser, Flashlight App, Stopwatch App, Date and time App and text assistant or text for speech assistant.

The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the kids who are extraordinarily talented and Master Sairagav R is one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies. He has earned the title “India’s Youngest App Developer” by The Child Prodigy Magazine for his coding and robotics skills.

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