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Sakthi Poorani M is a very young and excellent dancer. If you start writing about it, the words also fall short. She became an outstanding dancer at an early age. She is a Guinness World Record holder. She also has many other achievements from a very young age which are greatly appreciated. Therefore this girl can be called multi-talented. Sakthi Poorani M has proved that, if you have talent, age does not matter.

Sakthi Poorani is a class X student. She is a student of St Mary’s High School, Chennai. She did 77 rounds per minute in the SPIRAL WRAPS and for this work, Sakthi Poorani was ranked in Guinness World Record in October 2020. She was nominated for Bharatanatyam at the Guinness World Record in February 2020. Organized a dance show in Chennai in August 2019, this show was titled Chennai Got Talent. In this program, the dance of Sakthi Poorani M was added as a special attraction and was awarded as pride to the special dance. She was awarded the title of RISING STAR at KALAM’S BOOK OF RECORDS at an event held in December 2019. Everyone praised her in this program.

In December 2019, various competitions were organized in the event, that event organized by the Thiruvallur district-level school education department in which she won first place. Her winning streak did not stop here, subsequently, in January 2020, she participated in the state-level competition. In October 2019, the School Education Department organized a program of KALA UTSAV 2019. This program was a district-level dance competition and she took first place in this program. She then participated in the state-level dance competition (KALA UTSAV 2019) in November 2019. She won the first prize in the Department of School Education ZONE LEVEL HANDBALL. After that, she received the Rukmini Devi Arundale Award from the Kanchi Art Society.

Received the Ilamamani Gandhi Award in a program held in October 2020. Learned Western Exercise at GOKULNATH UNIQUE TALENT ACADEMY and obtained the special certificate. Participated in JUNIOR’S FASHION WEEK and obtained a certificate. She has played a small role in the film Rachashi.

Sakthi has earned the title “The Spiral Wrap Queen” by Child Prodigy magazine.

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