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In today’s times, kids are exploring different fields in academics and extracurricular activities. Today we are going to talk about the kid Shrikant Vijaykumar Shintre who has tremendous grasping power and sometimes just by listening to the topics of higher classes is able to understand and reciprocate. Not only in academics but also he has amazing talent in acting. So it can be said that Shrikant is multitalented and he is exploring various areas and fields. 

Shrikant from Belagavi won the scholars batch in KLES’ International School, Belagavi. He has also won the National Science Talent Search Completion in class 1 and earned the ranking 1920 in India. Apart from science, he is very intelligent in english and maths. He has won various olympiads and presented his talent in front of the world. Not only in academics, Shrikant is an outstanding actor and he acted in 2 Kannada movies. He has also done the modeling photoshoot at Mumkins kid wear shop Maruti Galli, Belagavi. Recently, Shrikant has won National Level Science Talent Search Examination-2021(NSTSE) in which his Indian ranking is 1925. Apart from all these achievements, He has mastered martial arts stick and sword fighting and gardening. 

The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the extraordinarily talented kids and Shrikant Vijaykumar Shintre is one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies. He has earned the title “The King of Multi-Talents” for his courage and passion to learn different things.

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