Meet Siaan Singh Kochar – The Internet Sensation


Every child is special in some way or another but if a child shows extraordinary talent at a very young age, then they are considered a child prodigy. The young kid named Siaan Singh Kocchar has dazed everyone with his extraordinary talent and acting skills. Siaan was born in Delhi and is a child to Mr. Ramneek Singh Kochar and Mrs. Puneet Kochar. He is a student of Modern School Barakhamba road situated in New Delhi, India. At a very young age, the kid started to film videos on multiple social media platforms and in turn received lots of love and support from his numerous numbers of fans. He is loved by his fans for his acting skills and perfect comedy timings and has a great fan following.

Siaan’s parents first discovered his talent in 2019 when he started to gain immense support from his fans on different social media platforms. As we know, parents play an important role in shaping their child’s future, Siaan’s family always believed in him and want to see him achieving more heights on the social media platform, in the coming next 10 years. Despite getting recognized at such a big platform, his parents still believe in giving him a grounded upbringing & a normal life like other children. Besides being an internet sensation, Siaan also amazed his parents by making birthday cards for them on their birthday, baking cake, and taking care of both of them in the difficult time of their illness. Moreover, his parents believe in the idea that children should be supported by their parents in whatever field they like. They also said that children should be kept away from the pressure of society so that they can work and grow themselves in a confined & secured place. Their only notion is to enjoy the journey without worrying about the results. How beautiful is that!

Siaan is an extroverted and loving child. He is an all-rounder, who loves to read, act, dance, and play badminton, football and cricket with his colleagues. He also loves playing indoor games, especially Xbox. He loves to interact with other people and likes to make new friends. He is brilliant in academics and is a quick learner. He also likes to film videos with his brothers and sisters. His father Ramneek Singh Kochar is also an internet sensation and posts funny videos with his children and wife. You can also watch his vlogs on YouTube. His channel name is Ramneek Singh 1313.

Siaan’s achievements include-:

YouTube – 1.25 crore subscribers

Instagram – 200k followers 

Facebook – 200k followers

MX takatak – 6.3 Million followers 

Well, this little boy making videos and impressing the masses with his comedy and skills has stunned all of us with his unimaginable talent at such a young age. This “social butterfly” completely deserves the title of the child prodigy.