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This child prodigy shocked everyone with her mental abilities at a tender age, the name of this extraordinary talented girl is Sunanda. The field that Sunanda chose is also challenging for the elders, this little talented girl is brilliant in Ambidextrous Writing and Upside Down Book Reading. Apart from these subjects, this little girl is also adept at skating. This girl mesmerizes everyone when she discusses the amazing concept of Ambidextrous Writing and Upside Down Book Reading. She can write efficiently utilizing both hands in a unidirectional way. In an exclusive interview with our team members, Sunanda shares her journey in mastering thirteen distinct ways including speed writing with left and right hand, reverse writing, and mirror-image writing.

This girl has mastered 13 styles of Ambidextrous Writing. These styles are Upside Down,  Mirror Upside Down, Exchange, Blindfold Writing, Left-Hand Speed Writing, Right-Hand Speed Writing, Hetero Topic Writing Style, Mirror Writing (Replica of the same word), Hetero Linguistic Writing, Unidirectional Writing, Dancing Style, Reverse Running Writing, and Opposite Direction Writing Style. 

On the strength of this ability, this girl has also made three world records, which are as follows:

  • Blindfolded Brainvita Marble Game Solving.
  • Ten different styles of Ambidextrous Writing.
  • Upside Down Book Reading.

This girl can also write with her legs and she has mastered this field as well.

  • Writing with her Right Leg.
  • Writing with her Right Leg and Left Hand.
  • Upside down Writing Style using her Right Leg. 

In addition to writing, God has assigned art to this girl, this is as, Upside Down Book Reading, Mirror Image Book Reading, Mirror Image Upside Down Book Reading. This girl has won two gold medals under Skating Achievements. Apart from this, 2 silver and two bronze medals have also been won. In a span of 2 years from 2016 to 2018, she has bagged around 40 medals from Club level to National level Competitions. This girl successfully completed the ‘Brighter Minds Alpha’ Course’. This girl is good at Mandala and Zentangle art too. 

Along with all this, the girl has also achieved a different position in some different fields. Which is: trained to be a practitioner of ‘Access the Bars’, trained to be a practitioner of ‘Access the Foundation’, trained to be a practitioner of ‘Happy Mouth International Course’ (Generative Energetic Dentistry Course). Finding yourself while you are young is very important. Not only do I want to build a life for me, but also inspire other people for the same.

The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the kids who are extraordinarily talented and Sunanda Sunil is one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies. She has earned the title “The Expert of Ambidextrous Writing” by The Child Prodigy Magazine for her writing, reading and game solving skills. 

May 12, 2021

It is quite exceptional for a girl of this young age to be able to learn and do an exhaustive list of things. We feel proud to have such talents in our country. Hats off to her and all those who have contributed in her journey towards becoming an inspiring kid. I also know about the Brighter Minds Program done by her which actually helps a kid to realize their inner abilities enabling them to blossom naturally. Kudos to her and child prodigy team for recognizing such talents.

July 6, 2021

Hearty Congratulations Sunanda !
We are so proud of you! May you
continue to excel and make your parents and our Country celebrate your success in chosen area of expertise! Hare Krishna!

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