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Amongst our child prodigies Ms.Vaanya Shekhar, a 13 year old who has successfully built her own Adventure fiction empire. She writes primarily on online platforms such as Wattpad. She has a huge fan following on this platform and did the writing work during the lockdown times. She’s written many novels with a enticing genre and has 132000+ readers for one of novels, thousands for others. Her activities seem entirely driven by love for learning and sharing the words world and digital world. She revived ancient science fiction rules and has invented abundance of scientific enquiries of her own in her writings, making sure the spice of daring attitude she carries. She started recording her experiences shortly after her last birthday.

A child prodigy who is prone to fits of fantasy, solitude, and immense creativity in her behavior even as a young girl. She is an avid reader & has read more than 750 books by now. She has read complete Shakespeare, TS Elliot and many other literary stallwards. She also has in-depth knowledge of  Roman as well as Greek history.

By the grace of goddess Saraswati, she carries exemplary talent to express with her pen & is an upcoming great Indian novelist . We witness her in the process of setting herself as newage novelist. She has superb keyboarding speed. Not only this but her creativity has another vision if you see how she interacts with her pencil as she sketches her thoughts too.

Through it all, she seems to take her extraordinary accomplishments in stride. Having parents with much of reading exposure & habits ;Vaanya’s writing abilities seem to be acquired skill as her parents gave her that atmosphere. Being a keen observer every little thing around her matters; what she sees, she hears, she touches, she smells, tastes, and feels — constantly soaking in the environment & blazing with more thoughts & ideas for her new novels.

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