Mysha Gangwani – The Prodigy Kid

Mysha Gangwani is an outstanding girl from Ludhiana, Punjab who possesses some amazing skills in storytelling, photography, and skating. Her parents Rohit Gangwani and Dr. Megha Kansal discovered her potential when she was only 4 years old and since then are supporting and motivating her to enhance her skills. She has been awarded many times in extracurricular activities and she waits patiently for many more such achievements. She is an extrovert which means she easily gets comfortable around people and enjoys their company as if she knows them from long ago. 

Her parents wish to see her doing everything in a realistic timeframe and have a strong understanding in 10 years from now. Interrogating about their opinion on the notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone we came to know that yes they do feel it sometimes. Mysha always wants to learn and rather than wasting time she is always busy getting to know more and more. She sees things differently than others and is very curious. It also shows us how well-focused and dedicated she is to become successful.

Later, our team informed her parents about the features this platform will provide and people will start recognizing Mysha and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination and it is very much necessary to ensure a normal childhood for their child so that they do not get disturbed or distracted. They plan to ensure a normal childhood for their child by raising her with clear goals of empathy, caring, ethics, respect and compassion. Every second with Mysha is memorable to them and they want to see her utilize every moment of her life without any negative impacts of the fame and recognition she achieves. They teach her to be grounded to the Earth and always respect others and guide her to never be overconfident and never think that she is the best and knows everything. Such thoughts may become hurdles in her way.

She is a nature lover and knows the importance of nature and wants to preserve it. She is emotional and very caring towards her parents. All the laurels she has achieved in her way is not a result of a day’s work. All the glories she has reached are a result of a continuous process and her hard work and dedication. Her parents also have supported her through every up and down in her way and never let society’s pressure fall upon her. They always do meaningful conversations with her and spend quality time with her rather than giving her expensive toys. They recommend other parents to let their child move like a free bird and surely their talents will start reflecting.

We are sure by now you would be amazed by this child prodigy. This was all about Mysha Gangwani, the team Child Prodigy wishes her good luck for her future endeavors.