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Isn’t it quite hard to learn the capitals of all the countries in the World? What about capitals of all the states? Still find it hard?

Naazia Khan, a five year old child can grasp so well that she has memorized capitals of all the countries of the world. Let alone all the states of the nation. She is currently studying in Jayshree Pariwar High School. She has a two year old sibling and she is very protective towards her sibling.

Her mother describes how creativity works. When Naazia is on her own her, her creativity is all flourished but when her mother is around her she doesn’t give her 100%. She considers that Naazia does not like studying or doing other activity under pressure.

Naazia is very talented and is still exploring her domains of interest. Her mother wants her to be an all-rounder. And she truly is fulfilling her mother’s expectations. Naazia’s mother put 100% efforts towards her interests and utilizes all her free time creating new activities for her. Her mother explained how before lockdown, Naazia used to be all scheduled and has organized a perfect timetable for all activities and also for studies.

Since lockdown, Naazia and her mother have been more connected and have started exploring new talents. It is because of her mother’s innovativeness, she has learned so many new things about her arena of interest. When asked how her mother inculcates such talents in Naazia, she laughingly replied that she just tries to tell everything in a story form to make her gain interest in something.

In addition to her plethora of talents, Naazia is also an amazing singer. She has sung various times on celebrations. The most recent being on the 26th January on Republic day celebration. Her mother is so proud of grasping powers and observing nature.

Naazia herself likes to delve into different activities as she quickly completes her studies and homework as soon as she can and then they do other activities. She has interest in many domains like painting and dancing. Also she takes part in every competition to explore new fields. Naazia’s mother added, “Perseverance is one quality Naazia has since childhood. As she was less than a year old, she wanted to button her shirt, but with her wobbly hands she was unable to do it at the first go, but she kept on trying and on the third, she comfortably buttoned her shirt. It had very small buttoned her shirt. It had very small buttons but her perseverance made her successful in doing so.”

Her mother makes her use flashcards for better understanding. Children are visual learner so whatever they see and observe it. Naazia has also learnt things from visual learning and inculcated them in her mind.

While interviewing Naazia and her mother, we asked Naazia if she wanted to say something and she delivered a message to her fiends that she misses them a lot. Such a sweet child she is and polite. She loves doing craft activities like making cards for her family and friends.

To conclude the interview her mother expressed “It is mother’s responsibility to explore the talent of their child, whatever interests their child.”


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