Nairiti- The Child Prodigy!

Google defines a prodigy as a young person with exceptional qualities or abilities. Today we will be talking about Nairiti Mehta who has amazed us with her talents. Let our know-how. So being at this age, considering the talents, achievements, character traits, and activities Nairiti perform has lived up to the very definition of a child prodigy. The passion she puts into each of her activities be it sketching or oration she has outdone herself in terms of individual efforts. Nairiti has been sketching since a very young age and the dedication she puts in beats adults too. She is an ideal girl who can manage her academics along with her co-curricular activities. Her willingness to do things, the right way and be equally compassionate towards society pays testimony to this fact.

It is because of the innate potential that the child possesses, right parenting, and the zeal that the child has that helps them to outshine. Being ambitious parents, Nairiti’s parents always make her support her to polish her talents and learn new skills.

Mohit Mehta (Nairiti’s father), Neetu Mehta (Nairiti’s mother) shared their views on the notion of child prodigies grow up to be introverts as they do not get well along with their peer mates because of higher IQ levels. They shared they do not believe in this. Also, Nairiti is an extrovert child and is very friendly with everyone. She is not only good at being friends with her peer mates but also greets every elderly person whom she crosses.

When asked about ensuring a normal childhood for Nairiti as she is getting a lot of fame because of her talents. The parents quoted Bob Marley once said, “I can handle fame by not being famous to myself”. They further added, “This very belief will be ensured at home. Knowing Nairiti and the current environment of our home, we are certain of the fact that to remain grounded would not be a problem. As far as a normal childhood is considered, it will go on to be as it is now and has always remained, the fame will however be an adage and motivation for her to do well in future consistently”.

Nairiti is interested in a diverse curriculum of activities. Primarily, sketching is something that she’s been doing for a long. She’s highly interested in drawing, painting and is a good orator too. You’ll mostly find her doing this wide range of activities.

We are sure that you want to have some parenting tips by Nairiti’s parents so here are some tips by them-

1. Plan up your day along with your child

2. Be consistent in whatever you are doing

 3. Do not set high expectations

 4. Don’t be too hard.

At this tender age, Nairiti has got a plethora of achievements and will keep on working hard towards many more. All of life’s greatest things originate with humble beginnings. Team Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for her future.