Namirtthan- The Child Prodigy

Child Prodigies are those extravagant children who leave the world awestruck by their astonishing skills. Today we will be talking about Namirtthan who has set a benchmark in the list of talented children by his unique skills.

“Born as a prodigy” is the statement that suits his case. When he was a 10 months baby he used to play with car toys by using the ramp. He used to himself make a ramp by whatever sloppy things he got. He has always been a good observer and spent more time observing how the car wheels slide up and down on a ramp. He also has a proficient ascent in English and the way he speaks it without any training is yet another talent that he possesses.

Intellectual kids always have this unique set of hobbies and interests that is proved time and again by researchers. While watching YouTube may sound like a normal hobby but what is being watched is the fact to be noted. And we came to know that Namirtthan practices infotainment- information+ entertainment. He watches shows on space, the solar system, and planets. He always talks about the solar system and planets to whoever he meets and the information he delivers is extraordinary as per his age. When he started school he showed a lot of interest in science experiments and he started to explore its concepts. Being supportive and ambitious parents, Mr. Karthikeyan and Mrs. Kanimozhi started the YouTube channel “Namir kids science lab” for him. He performs kids-level science experiments and seeks conceptual facts behind them.     

In conversation with the child prodigy team, his parents shared, “He has astonished us time and again by showing his unique talents that even we look up to him. Whenever he talks about the solar system as a second standard student he quotes more facts than us”. They further added “when we do science experiments if we get caught up at any point the way he handles things and keeps trying again till the time he makes it happen is astonishing. And he never gives up until he gets results”.

Throwing some light on the vision that where they see their child 10 years from now the parents revealed that “From 10 years now he may be a younger scientist or spaceman astronaut or maybe a big solution finder for real-time problems. From our side we wish to encourage him whatever he does”.

Namirtthan parents agree to the notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from the rest of their peer mates because of higher IQ levels. “Among our relatives’ kids they play differently but Namirtthan spends his time differently. He always wants to communicate technically. He prefers toys like fixing, building, blocks, domino’s, constructions, making planets, human organ models using clay, etc. We feel that He is comfortable when he explores in his zone” added his parents.

Sharing some memorable moments with pride in her eyes mommy told “One day we were doing a science experiment on making rainbow at home. I just help him to set up the water tub, mirror and white paper, etc. I kept the things against sunlight and tried but could not catch rainbow reflect on the paper. He asked me to let him try and start fixing the setup with the concept of the rainbow.  He fully and silently dipped the mirror in the water tub and by holding the paper opposite to the water tub simultaneously by not hiding the sunlight he was able to catch the rainbow on paper perfectly. That moment I felt very proud of him”

Namirtthan has a wide range of interests he loves drawing Planets, making planets using clay, watching videos about space planets, fixing, building, blocks, domino’s, construction, cars, ramps, doing experiments, etc.

We also asked Namirtthan’s parents about some parenting tips since they raised a child prodigy to which they suggested “We should always hear their interests and make them learn easily. Support them and positively encourage them in whatever talent they have. Instead of getting angry at them when they are in good mood try to correct them in a lovely way”.

Namirtthan not only has tremendous talents but is also a very emotional and lovable boy. He is a loving brother and takes care of his sister whenever his parents are busy. Furthermore, he loves to help his mother and helps in activities like mopping, sorting toys in boxes, in cleaning whenever requested. As a responsible boy, he advises everyone to close the tap while brushing and to not wastewater.

These were some of the glimpses of Namirtthan’s life who has done more than 50 science experiments with explanations about what on his  YouTube channel. Team Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.