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The legends of Mahabharata unfold the story of Abhimanyu who learnt about the Chakravyuha in his mother’s womb. We all are familiar with the story of Abhimanyu but similarly Ms. Anupama explains that her daughter’s inclination began when she was still inside her womb. Amazing!

Nandita is the youngest Radio Jockey at the age of just four. It all began with her mother who is a Radio Jockey at Internet Radio Platform. This inclined Nandita towards the same and she joined the show with her mother. Together they created a song moreover a lullaby. This idea was generated in Nandita’s curious mind who was always intrigued to know more about the moon. She kept asking questions about the same and her mother wrote down all her questions. Later Ms. Anupama asked her friend to write a poem based on all those questions. They then composed the song and even acted it out together as a mother-daughter duo.  

Her mother revealed that the journey started when Nandita was still in her womb. Ms. Anupama used to interact with her baby daughter when she was in the womb and she expressed that Nandita used to understand her and even interacted with her at times. Nandita in her mother’s belly was first introduced to songs playing on the radio. Ms. Anupama used to play songs for her daughter on the radio. After Nandita was conceived she started showing inclination towards radio and songs played on it.

Nandita responded to songs from the tender age of three months. Now she appears on social media platforms and in live performances. Nandita in her own ways has tried to spread awareness about covid situations and measures which need to be followed for protection from the same. She can write a story on words non-related to each other, just random words. Her mother shared “just give her words and she would create a story out of it.”

Various news channels have telecasted her live videos on their news. The topics that she covered on those live videos were about the environment and pandemic. Nandita even collaborates with other radio jockeys for show performances. Not just this, Nandita is also inclined towards painting. Her parents have never put pressure on her about anything. Ms. Anupama revealed “whatever she feels like doing she does that and we do not interfere in it.” Also, she adds that people consider her as an inspiration. Even people approach Nandita.

Ms. Anupama explained that she will train Nandita personally. Nandita is an innate singer and she even creates lyrics for her songs. Nandita is pretty curious about science and technology and wants to learn more about the similar.

This was a truly fascinating story of Nandita which inspired in many ways.

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