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सुना है एक रोज़ फिर अँधेरा होगा

 कानून की गिरफ्तारी होगी,चोरों का पहरा होगा |

और आएँगे इस आशियाने में कई नए ईमानदार

विध्वंश का मुखौटा है,ज़रूर सियासी चेहरा होगा!

The world seems to be propelling so
rapidly that we tend to not focus on the diabolicality of the society and in
this race with time a young mind stops to contemplate and progress towards the
change of the current affairs. Nihshank Upadhyay, winner of the educational
icon award is a prodigy in various categories and seems to be focused on one
crucial goal, creating an ecosystem. 

Nihshank has developed India’s first
solution-driven ecosystem to be launched by the end of September 2021, which
has multi-cerebral layers. It has distinctive levels of functions; first is the
facilitation of up to 200 people in Asia who are contributive towards the
establishment of the idea of the ecosystem and then Nihshank focuses on the
news that falls in covert due to media biasness. He is trying to break the
contemporary realities of global affairs and bring out what should be seen by
the people. He is committed to a value-based just eco-system and has been
auspiciously working towards the 17 development goals. This ecosystem that he
has created is supportive towards the NGOs which bestow towards the
sustainability of the environment and also deal with the fundraising. Nihshank
focuses on delegating unconventional career options and eradicating the taboo
attributed to conventional career norms by Indian parents. He works towards career
counseling of young minds and helps them follow their dreams. This ecosystem is
also beneficial for writers, artists, and authors who are unknown to the domain
of publishing. They also invite the submission of drafts and review it for
further publication.

Nihshank Upadhyay is currently
pursuing Law from Jindal Global Law School. He showed propounding interest in
playing chess and began playing it at the age of four. He started playing at
the state and national levels and did well across these tournaments. He won
many championships across the country. His father brought chess into their
family. Initially, it all began with throwing pieces on the chessboard at the
tender age of two and he felt gravitated towards it. His journey started from
becoming the top 5 seeds in the U-7 state championship conducted by Dibyendu
Barua (2nd Indian to become a gm). He continued his set of remarkable
performances and championship victories at national events including Meerut,
Ahmednagar, and Haryana. He revealed that he never wanted to master the game of
chess but productively use it as a skill and it simultaneously keeps him calm.
He gave up playing chess professionally at the age of ten.

Karate also intrigued him in ways
that he was attracted towards it. He won the Calcutta state championship under
the age criteria of fourteen. He got driven towards karate to remain fit also
his uncle was into it.

Nihshank then shifted towards
educational events and made a mark for himself. Mock courts, Panel discussions,
and Model United Nation. He has been branded as an Independent Indian icon and
was awarded youngster of the year 2021. His accomplishments include special
mentions, high commendations, best Speakers, and executive winning more than
110 plus events across reputed institutions of the states, country, and the
world in 4-5 years. His work ethic was endorsed by the former Lt. Governor of
Delhi and he secured his set of experiences with Mayank and Maneka Gandhi in
2021. He is currently nominated for being the top 100 GKAA young achievers in
the world.

Except for his commendable
contribution to sports and academics, Nihshank writes poetry as well. He was
invited to the Rashtriya Kavi Sangam in 2021. He has been awarded as the best
emerging poet 2021 for Vidhwansh Ka Mukhauta (an extract of it was introduced
in the beginning.) Further, he showed his capabilities in the realms of poetry
by winning the National Talent Show.

Honored with the Best young
professional of 2021, Nihshank has always believed in self-competition as competing
with others can make one feel bitter and better at the same time. He explained
to us the essence of being alone and how productive it can be. He believes he
can maximize his potentials when he is alone as he can explore his true self
and work on self-growth. He expressed “Alone is not equal to lonely. Alone time
can be a lot nurturing and healing.”

He devotes all his accomplishments to
his father. He stated that he comes from a modest family as his dad catered to
the essence of education and carved his path out. Nihshank exhibited that he is
thankful for all the support he has received because of his father and his

Nihshank propounded that he remains
inspired and shared “what I was yesterday, I should be better today.” An
inspirational journey of the true icon of the country.







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