Nikel P: Who can Memorize Anything


The child prodigy presents you the child who has an excellent memory – Nikel P. He has such an amazing memory that he can memorize things with just one glance. These kinds of people are usually known as Mnemonist. They just require five minutes to read the things written or shown over a piece of paper and memorize it with heart. When he was around five years old, his parents observed that Nikel P was very good at locating places on the maps. Later, they also observed that he was good with other stuff too. He can learn dates and can even describe an incident. 

The proud parents of Nikel P are Veinugopal P and Kahvya P. He belongs to Karnataka. His parents told him that he can remember the event that have happened three years ago like they have happened yesterday. He not only remembers the details of the event that has taken place but also the date and day of the event or incident. Earlier he showed this skill only in geographical places but later at the age of seven, he was so smooth with the dates also. His parents also added that he not only showed interest in places and dates. But he also shares some interest in the studies, especially math, geography, and English. The parents of Nikel P do not want to set any expectations or goals for him for the future but, they want him to grow and develop his interest area. 

His parents shared that when he was seven years old, he met an accident. They were traveling vis the car at the full speed. That time he was pushed forward because of the car’s speed and collided with the front mirror. It was a very panicking situation for them. They were so scared, they thought that he got hurt but he didn’t. The front mirror had a crack but he was not at all hurt in that incident. This was a memorable and unbelievable moment for his parents of Nikel.

Nikel is ambivert in nature and he is a kind of independent person. He finds learning things on his own rather than with others. His parents think that he finds self-learning more reliable rather than being taught by others.  The parents of Nikel are focused on providing a normal childhood to him as other activities like drawing, watching television, and cooking food would help in mental growth also.

At present Nikel can draw a world map in two minutes and he can also identify all the 202 country flags very easily. He even memorizes tables from 1 to 60 and is even able to solve the square root and cube roots. Except for these, he even learned three different languages like Spanish, French, and German. He is still learning new things and exploring more talents to improve himself. 

The child prodigy family wishes Nikel a bit of good luck for future endeavors.