Nikhil Kumar: The Inquisitive Child


Children are sensitive and possess different talents and capabilities. They are unique in themselves and learn from their surroundings. The right direction and opportunity can help them to know their innate talent. Today we will be talking about Nikhil Kumar Tummaramatti who is fond of knowing new things. He is from Mudhol, Karnataka. He studies at Basaveshwer International Public school in Mudhol.

Nikhil has a sharp mind, good retention power, and good general knowledge. He is very inquisitive by nature and started asking a lot of questions related to our daily life when he was only one year old. He is very observant and even puts up questions while watching movies. He starts explaining those answers that his parents are unable to answer.  

He is a sensitive and caring person who holds a special corner in his heart for the animals. His parents want him to be a knowledgeable and talented person as well as a good human being in near future. His personality traits lie between that of an extrovert and an introvert i.e. an ambivert. He likes to interact with people as well as enjoys his own company. 

His parents Anand Tummaramatti (father) and Girija Anand Tummaramatti (mother) told us that Nikhil makes every day memorable for them but the most memorable moment is when he asks his mother to feed him with her hands. His parents are the whole world to him. He loves to buy toys and play badminton with his friends. 

According to his parents, the qualities and capabilities of a child are well known by the parents only and the child must be supported in a good way. They also told us that the happiness of their child matters more than the expectations from society. 

His interests are drawing, dancing, and looking at the moon and sun via telescope. He is good at academics and loves to play with cats and dogs. He loves to go out in the park and mingle with his friends. He shows immense interest in knowing science facts. He is very good at skating and cycling. 

His parents shared a few parenting tips with us:

1. Let your child discover his/her talent.

2. Help and support your child to achieve their dreams.

3. Guide them to choose the correct path.

Nikhil loves to do social work. He has a great conscience which helps him to make the right decisions. He wants to work for the betterment of society and wants people to live in peace and harmony.

He is very caring towards his family. He loves to spend his time with his father asking him about different things and discussing different topics. The happiness of his family matters the most to him. Whenever his father gets angry he interrupts in between and asks him to stay calm to remain stress-free and have a healthy mind. He understands the emotions very well.

This was all about Nikhil Kumar Tummaramatti. The entire team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.