Nimit Akhawat – Prodigy in Medical Science

Knowledge without application is of no use, and “Life without Purpose is Meaningless” is the belief of a
Medical Science Enthusiast “Nimit Akhawat” who started his exploration of Medical Science at the age
of 8 and is consistently refining his Purpose of being in life. Born in 2011 to Prashant Akhawat and
Shalini Akhawat, Nimit is a Greenwood High International School, IB Campus, Sarjapur, Bengaluru

Nimit’s journey to explore Medical Science started when he visited his grandfather during summer
vacation after he completed his 3
rd grade. His Grandfather is a retired surgeon, and like every child, he
loved spending time with his grandfather. As a practicing doctor, he consulted patients, and Nimit had
the opportunity to observe these consultations and quench his thirst for unending inquisitiveness
about human body functions, diseases, and treatments. However, the human brain is a Pandora box of
never-ending curiosity, and there starts the hunt to discover and learn more.

His motivation to learn Medical Science was the appreciation his grandfather gave and his school
principal’s assurance to provide him with a platform to showcase his talent. It was like an Oscar award to
him. Seeing his passion and curiosity for medical science, his parents gave him multiple medical learning
resources, including Dr. Najeeb’s and Dr. Campbell’s medical lecture series and Neuroscience and Cancer
lectures from some top IVY League Universities. He loved those Medical Lecture Series and spent hours
learning Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology, Gross Anatomy – Head & Neck, Eye & Ear – Anatomy &
Physiology, Microbiology, and Cardiovascular Physiology. He is continuing his quest to explore Molecular
Biology, Biochemistry, Biostatistics & Research Methodology, Biophysics, BCI (Brain Chip Interface), and
Computer Science to further deep-dive into neuroscience.

Nimit wishes to commit himself to Neuroscience and Cancer Research. As a near-term target, he aims to
understand the science behind the Human Brain and BCI and decode the surface of information
processing of the human brain. He further plans to research the biological processes involved in the
onset of cancer, its growth, and its spread in the body. With this research, he wants to develop targeted
treatment and prevention strategies and possibly develop a cancer treatment drug.

Nimit recently got featured in the “Rising Youth Superstars of India 2022” Book due to his exceptional
talent. Nimit is not just good at studies. He loves devotional music and learning to sing and also plays
tennis and cricket in his free time. He is highly disciplined and manages his academics efficiently. To
share his learning, he also started his YouTube channel – Medical Learning with Nimit Akhawat.
He believes everything is possible if you are committed, passionate and persistent toward achieving
your goal. Intent to do something is the key; knowledge can be acquired. His ambitions are inspirational
and would greatly benefit society when realized. At the tender age of eleven, Nimit is a great source of