Nuvansh Kunal Goyal- The Child Prodigy!


Child prodigies are those exceptionally talented kids who perform activities with more perfection than any adult. Today we have got you some glimpses of Nuvansh Kunal Goyal’s life. He is the child who has not only left everyone awestruck by his set of skills but also by the caring, understanding, and loving nature he has.

At the age of 2, he has an impressive set of skills. He has exceptional grasping power and the knowledge he possesses at this age beats that of adults too. He stands up to every definition of a well-behaved and well-mannered child. Nuvansh never leaves any chance to appreciate others. He knows well how to attract and embrace everyone.     

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was born intelligent. Since he was 9 months he started grasping everything. Born as a fighter he has been winning hearts ever since he came into this world. He was born pre-mature in the 8th month and was kept in NICU for 45 days. After 45 days he and his mother came home and gradually good skills development in him started coming into the picture.

They say you dream of it and you are halfway there. Being ambitious and visionary parents Nuvansh’s parents see him as an officer or a successful businessman 10 years from now.

Since child prodigies face this problem of their childhood being robbed due to the fame they get. We asked Mrs. Hemanshi Kunal Goyal (mother) how you would ensure a normal child for your child. To this, she ensured that she will always make him live a normal life. “I will make my child very simple possessing good manners and respect to everyone despite any differences. I will make sure that he develops no attitude towards anything, I will make him grow like a normal child giving him good life”, she added further.

Giving us some joyful moments Nuvansh’s mother shared this incident that will feed your soul with some Awww moments she has with her son “Once a toy got hit me on my head, he started kissing my head” she shared. Further, she told that every moment is special to her going to mother toddler together, understanding together, playing balls, blocks, painting together, having food together, bathing together, all of this gives serenity to her soul. Nuvansh is very close to his father also. His mother shared that his papa gives him a massage and if a day he doesn’t get massage from Dad he gets sick:) his Papa Mr. Kunal Shivkumar Goyal teaches him songs and Nuvansh sings many Bollywood songs, added Nuvansh’s mother with a spark in her eyes.

He is the child with qualities of Monica from friends. He loves to stay organized and clean. He stays very clean. Even if a drop of water drops on him he takes a hanky and gets himself clean.

He has interests in different Languages, Alphabets, Numbers, Mantras, Dance, Riding, Travelling, and Tasty food.

We are sure by now you want to know about what parenting tips Nuvansh’s parents follow that have raised him to be the way he is. So we asked them for some parenting tips that and his mother told “I will just say understand your child, give them their time. Let them do whatever they are willing, no scolding or anything, and just leave them free, start sending them to classes school, and don’t be stressed with your child. A child is a miracle.”

These were some of the glimpses of Nuvansh’s life who can recognize everything all objects, knows all alphabets, numbers, mantras, national anthem, and respects everyone.