Oam Gaonkar: The Brilliant Minded Child

Capabilities and talent in children are unleashed with the time they grow up. One such extremely talented child is Oam Gaonkar, who is very passionate about space and mathematics.

He is basically from Mumbai and studies at Chatrabhuj Narsee School in Kandivali (east). He has written a book on “Stars” at the age of 9, which has been successfully published on Kindle Amazon. He is an advanced roll child in Mathematics. He has a sharp memory and a brilliant mind. His achievements in the field of Maths are getting featured in Kumon, India’s advanced roll book for 3 years.

He has such an amazing retention power that he can recite more than 12 Sanskrit Shlokas such as Ganapati Stotra, Mahalaxmi Ashtakam, Navagraha Stotra, Vishnushodasha Ashtakam, Kalbhairavashtakam, etc. He recites these shlokas every day. Not only this, but he can also solve 11 different Rubik Cubes.

Oam had completed his 2nd level of Maths within 2 months when he was in Junior KG at the age of 3 years at the Kumon Centre. He was also the winner of the National Math Primary Olympiad in the year 2021. He has won Gold Trophies consecutively in the year 2018 and 2019 for being three years advanced in Kumon Math. He has also won two Platinum Trophies for being 6 years ahead in Kumon Math in the years 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Oam has always been a very spiritual child. His virtues and values always bind him with his aim and ground-level practical knowledge. He is an extrovert and loves to be in the company of others. The level of understanding and maturity that Oam has is quite appreciable. He is very good at explaining things in a broadened way. He is always driven towards learning new things and reading books. He is very calm and patient.

His parents Manish Gaonkar (father) and Madhavi Manish Gaonkar (mother) see him as an author shortly who would have written many good books. His parents told us that they do not let any sort of pressure of expectations from society get passed on to Oam.

His parents also shared a few parenting tips with us:

Children must not be pressurized for anything as it hinders their abilities to do something.

Fill your child with positivity.

Teach them to be responsible, helpful, and most importantly to carry a sense of gratitude towards everything around them.

Oam has always amazed his parents with his deep sense of understanding and his consistent attitude to do something. He never says no to anything and does not give up easily on what he likes to do. His love for nature is incredible. He keeps the environment clean and motivates others to do the same. Besides this, he is also a good singer and a creative artist. Once he had gifted a painting of Ganapati the teacher, he liked the most.

This was all about Oam. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the very best for his future endeavors.