Our little Social Worker: Kishal


Social work is of great importance all around the world aiming to produce social change, development, empowerment, and liberation of people, particularly of those who are in need. Today we will be talking about one such child Kishal, who is working selflessly for the people to bring about a social change. He hails from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Born to Mr. Srikanth and Mrs. Deepthi, Kishal is an empathetic and genuine person. He is concerned about social problems and emphasizes the parity between the people.

Kishal has always devoted his spare time to the social service to mankind. At a very tender age of 5, he has an urge to work for needy people. He has been a part of several social campaigns. He has raised awareness among rural people how education plays a significant role for a girl child. Besides studies and social work, he is interested in extracurricular activities and playing chess.

He has won many prizes and awards for his contribution to society and his exceptional social work. He has the personality traits of an ambivert. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family and at the same time, he loves to be in his own company.

Kishal’s parents came to know about his talent when at the age of 5 he started talking about social work and how we can help people in overcoming their problems. His parents also told us that after 10 years from now they see him as an IPS Officer working selflessly for the people, taking more responsibilities, and being a better person. 

After the features, your child will get through this platform people will start recognizing your child and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination. How would you ensure a normal childhood for your child? *

When our team asked his parents how they are going to handle the fame and recognition that Kishal will get after getting featured on this platform?

To this, his parents replied that they will ensure him a normal childhood to Kishal by giving him basic ethics and helping him stay grounded. They are going to help him in his social work as well as his education to excel in the future.


The most memorable moment of Kishal with his parents was the first day when in an Aanganvadi he talked to the pregnant ladies about not aborting the girl child and how the girls are equally important to boys.

Kishal’s parents shared a few parenting tips to raise a child prodigy and said that parents must make decisions in favor of the interest of the child. The child needs our support to achieve his/her dreams and we as a parent must help them to make their first step towards success. 

 His patience level has always amazed his parents. He is a very transparent person who never hesitates to help anyone. 

This was all about Kishal. The entire team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.