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Music is a part of every known society; it has been with us in the past and will stay with us in future. It is not confined to a language and the perfect orchestration of the symphony which harmonizes our heart and soul can be achieved through piano. When Maria Cristina Mena a Mexican author said “The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind” the world listened and so did Palak Chauhan, a twelve-year-old western classical pianist from India.


Hailing from Chennai Palak Chauhan is a musical prodigy who started playing the piano at an incredibly young age of five. When asked about her advent of the musical journey she shared that her maternal grandfather has an inclination towards music and she has been listening to his playlists since she was a toddler and that’s where her love for music started. Ranked in the top ten junior pianists at The World Piano E-Competition Napolinova (Italy) in 2020, Palak is currently a student at A.R. Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory. She is learning music under the guidance of the virtuoso performer,  Dr.Surojeet Chatterji (Alumnus of Moscow Conservatory)  and Mr. Niteen Dongare a distinguished name in music community.


Global Kids Achievers Awardee Palak is tremendously fond of the musical instruments Sarod and Harp.

Palak is also learning Hindustani Classical Vocals. Her inquisitive nature made her a huge fan of the works by Rachmaninoff and Debussy and thus began her interest in composing. She also enjoys other music genre like Trap and Deep House and sometimes plays the guitar as well.  An extremely creative and curious kid, Palak loves composing and learning new music in her free time and has composed a number of small music pieces while experimenting with DAW’slike logic pro.


Furthermore, Palak’s talent has been recognized on a number of international music platforms as well as by notable pianists. Mr. Lang Lang, World’s renowned Pianist shared Palak’s piano performance on his Instagram stories for Piano Day 2020 celebrations. Palak also became the second Winner at BTHVN2020 at South Asia Level. Palak was featured in TAFMA’s ‘World Music Day 2020’ Social Media Features, alongside Dr. AR Rahman and other prominent musicians. Her awards and accolades include a Bronze Medal at Quebec International Music Competition (Quebec – Canada), a Bronze Medal at Northern American Virtuoso International Music Competition (North America), a Gold Certificate at Appassionato Quebec Youth Music Festival (Quebec – Canada), a Silver Medal at Global International Music Competition (Canada), Laureate 3rd Prize at Medici International Music Competition (London), First Prize at Four Notes International Piano Competition (Abu Dhabi). Her Outstanding Performance at Putra International Piano Competition held in Malaysia also earned Palak the positive reviews of many music critics’ across the globe.


Currently home-schooled, Palak not only learns and practices but also performs music full time. Her mother tries to provide her a learner centric and laid back environment at home as to bring out her full potential along with giving Palak a normal childhood. She goes a mile further to make sure that Palak childhood is not compromised in order to achieve something in the future. Though twelve years old Palak has big dreams, she aspires to become a remarkable Pianist like her role model Illana Vered and wants to compose music. She also wishes to share her music and learning with the destitute children. A very humble kid Palak believes “Without the right guru, a talented student’s journey to success is extremely difficult” and is very thankful to all her gurus and parents. We wish Palak a very bright and radiant future ahead


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