Pankhudi- “The Future Astronaut”


Pankhudi has shown tremendous skills since a young age, although her current age is 12, her parents got to know that she is a child prodigy at the age of 5. She can do mental mathematics at a faster speed and has even done well in drawing, painting, and even general knowledge which showcases how much she is aware of her surroundings as well as her skills. Pankhudi has shown tremendous writing skills at a young age and even her fifty poems are going to get published in a book form.
Being an extrovert, her parents believe that child prodigies are very open and always ready to get mingle with everyone and even state that they are very curious beings who discover and explore something new every minute. Their daughter wants to become an astronaut and they have faith in her that she will achieve her dream.
When asked how they will ensure a normal childhood after the fame and recognition she will get of her talent, they said “We will teach her moral values and how to respect others.” Although they feel that society has a lot of expectations with their daughter and once, they feel a lot of pressure from society, they always tell their daughter that she has constant support from her parents and she just has to believe in herself.
When asked about the memorable moment with their daughter, they said “They are thousands of memorable moments with her but specifically the day when she delivered an excellent speech in front of hundreds of intellectuals and received Global Ambassador of Peace Award in 2019.” Pankhudi often amazes her parents in all the work she does, be it studying, taking care of parents and pets, doing social work, and her beyond imagination knowledge.
Now the anticipation of knowing the parenting tip must have reached the peak, so the parenting tip that her parents give to other parents is always giving freedom to your children and support them in every situation as if the parents constant support is with them, they can do wonders and achieve a lot in their life.
Some of the major achievements of Pankhudi are-
Student of the Year Award
Global Ambassador Peace Award in 2019
2nd Prize in National Level Painting Competition
Various prizes at the local, state, and national level

This was all about Pankhudi and The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.