Leonardo Da Vinci has rightly said, “the artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of.” Today, we will talk about a young budding artist named Paramartha Barman who recently was awarded the title of “BEST YOUNGEST ARTIST AWARD” by the magic book of records on July 04 2021 in the field of art.

Paramartha barman is a student of Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya situated in Melaghar, Tripura & is a child to Shri Litan Barman and Smt Parswati Sen. According to his parents; he started drawing at the age of 4 & participated in many national and state-level championships and was successful in bagging the title too. 

Take a look at his ceaseless list of achievements 

Top achievement in an international child art competition by art society

Tipsri award in all India coloring contest 2019

Best achievement award in national level art competition also “dugga anki” 2020

Best artist award in online art Olympiad 2020 by the hill art academy 

National level art contest – “Katcha hater silpa karma” 2020

Rong Tuli contest 2019- in best ten 

Country lover contest 2019- in best ten 

Top 10 in sit &draw in 14th book fair state level

Best achievement in summer art contest organized by Rong Tuli 2021

Top 10 in art competition by leaf organization 

Top 16 in online art competition festival by Russia India cultural exchange 

Top 6 in cosmos art by Russia India cultural exchange 

2nd in international camel art contest & awarded as best emerging artist

He won the first position in 30 national & state-level competitions in drawing 

He won the second position in 7 national & state-level art competitions.


Furthermore, the little kid won 12 gold medals in national and international competitions. 2 silver medals in national level art contests. One of his main achievements was when he set the world record in the national book of record for his cosmos drawing & won the India star icon award by the national academy for art education.

Paramartha is an extroverted child. Besides drawing, he also loves to make things that he saw in his surroundings and aspire to be a brave army officer. Paramartha’s parents first discovered his talent when he was just 4. On being asked about their expectations from their child in 10 years from now, we came to know that they just want him to be a good person with humanity. They want to buy up their child in a normal way like a regular kid. Their priority is in raising a healthy and empowered child. “No matter how far their talent takes them he has to live in the real world where medals and trophies are not the measures of self-worth”. Also, Parmartha amazed his parents by raising his voice for his mother and when he dreamed of fulfilling his mother’s and other family members’ needs.

Paramartha is a brilliant child who does magic with his colors and stunned all of us with his extraordinary talent. 

So this was all about Paramartha Barman. The child prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavors.