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According to the definition given in psychology research literature, “A child prodigy is defined as a person under the age of 10 who produces meaningful output in some domain to the level of an adult expert.” One such child prodigy is a 7-year-old Pragyansh Srivastava. Apart from being a topper in his class, he also has his talents hidden in playing the keyboard and drawing.  The topmost aspect of this child is that he is very creative and imaginative and he can build symmetrical and balanced models using Lego blocks and other blocks, like magnetic beads, through his creative mind. He can build robots, space crafts, ships and buildings by himself, without any help. He is also a very imaginative and descriptive story maker. Pragyansh was discovered by his family when he was about 3 to 4 years old. When it was asked to their parents where they would like to see their child in the next 10 years, they said as a more creative and as a fair student in music and fine arts, but most importantly, a young man with great values and humanity.

Pragyansh is a very expressive and an extrovert child who mixes up with others quickly. He is not really isolated, though he sometimes needs time apart from everyone to think. We also asked the parents to share some memorable moments with their child. In reply, they said that all moments are memorable and gave certain instances, like how he chanted mantras on stage when he was just 4 years old, or when his father, who is a doctor by profession, was prescribing some medicines to a patient, he memorized all the names of the medicines and even learned which medicine is supposed to be administered in which symptoms. His parents went on to mention a funny moment about the time he was a toddler and did not like to sit on any other toilet seat apart from his own potty pot and so, they had to carry that pot wherever they went.

Apart from his talents, Pragyansh is a big foodie and also loves to travel around. We also asked the parents how they handle the pressure from society and not let it bother their child. To this, they said that they tell the child to do his best and not care so much about the results. Also, as Pragyansh’s both parents are doctors, the society, too, expects him to be one. But his parents put no pressure on him and say that he can go in whatever field he wishes to as long as he gives his hundred percent there. His parents went on to say that their child is very mature and very sensitive. He also observes and perceives many deep things, like things going on around him or in his family. Pragyansh is also very caring and never gets envious of anyone’s achievements.

There also were some parenting tips that were given by Pragyansh’s parents for the parents who have a child prodigy. They said to watch and explore everything that your child is special at, to allow and encourage them to do whatever they hold interest in. Most importantly, a child requires a parent’s valuable time and attention and he/ she is bound to become a talented, excellent human being.




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