Pratibha – “An Exceptional Mind”



Pratibha has been the strongest grasper so far. Her parents got to know that she was a child prodigy when she was in class 3, in 6 months she learned whole Punjabi once her family shifted to Madhya Pradesh from Punjab and got highest marks in all the subjects including Punjabi and there was even a school poster of her when she was in class 5. Her parents think she is a child prodigy because the way she brainstorms and gives out ideas is a very rare feature in her age group. She has critical thinking abilities and keen observing power which has made her find answers to questions that she keeps on asking others. 

Being an ambivert, when asked about if the child prodigies isolate themselves, her parents replied, “We not find this statement a true one because it’s true that child prodigies somehow get separated from their group not because they isolate themselves or they just don’t want to be with other people, it happens because they are so advanced for their age, other kids have a hard time relating to such child prodigies.” and further added that they can feel alone in school due to this. They even feel that sometimes societies can put pressure on kids due to their expectations but they will ensure that Pratibha focuses on her work and they will always put efforts to help her out and will teach moral values to ensure a normal childhood. 

In the next 10 years, her parents see her as one of the most successful young personalities fulfilling her dreams of opening the biotech company discovering the undiscovered, curing the incurable, and also opening an education platform helping children to get the practical knowledge with required skills. She is always keen to know about different things like the universe, human body, environment, physiology and she likes to draw portraits and write poems. 

Pratibha has amazed her parents with the way she has cured her grandmother who was denied by all the doctors for getting hospitalized due to her low oxygen but little Pratibha saved her grandmother life by acupressure therapy which she learned while visiting the therapy center with her mother and this was the most memorable moment and even when she supported the family with her brother when her mother was seriously ill and had to get hospitalized. 

When asked about the parenting tips, her parents said “We think that the most important thing is that you never force your wish on your child. You must let your child discover their path and let them chase their dreams.”

Some of Pratibha’s major achievements are-

She got selected in 2 international level programs- 1. Junior Academy of NYAS in which probably less than 1200 children were selected and 2. NYAS 1000 girls 1000 Future program in which only1000 girls are selected from all around the world.

She was 2nd round finalist in BYJU’S Quiz Competition which was powered by Discovery and was a national-level quiz contest. 

She got 1st position in quiz competition against a graduate student of college when she was just in class 9th. 

She got 2nd prize in a literature competition at the district level. 

She is currently working on her digital e-book.

With her brother Prince, she is running a small community for animal healthcare in which they both treat animals without external funds and till now they saved 80+ animal lives which even got recognition from the city president.

Her last 7 years school transcript has 98%+ marks


This was all about Pratibha. The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.