Pratiksha – Truly a Child Prodigy


The true definition of Child Prodigy can be known after reading about a multi-talented girl Pratiksha Mukherjee and we are sure that she will leave you amazed. She is from Bankura, West Bengal, and studies in MDB DAV Public School. She is the daughter of Jagannath Mukherjee and Ruma Mukherjee.

Pratiksha has always been something more than extraordinary. There’s no field in which she hasn’t laid her hands on, be it Painting, Karate, Kick-boxing, Writing, recitation, anchoring, Video editing, Acting, Cinematography, PowerPoint Presentations, Animation, and even a YouTube content creator.

 She aspires to be one who can bring a new dawn to the world. She loves to participate in all kinds of co-curricular and curricular activities. She has excellent leadership skills. Her teachers used to call her ‘The Extraordinary Girl’ for the originality of her ideas and creative approaches.

One of the most memorable moments of Pratiksha with her parents was when she made her very first painting and her first national-level medal.

Some achievements of Pratiksha are:

Gold medalist in Wako India State kickboxing championship 2021.

60th Rank in Top 100 Merit List in the YUVA 2021 

Gold medalist in Intra Dojo kata Open category tournament 2020

Bronze medalist in Intra Dojo Kumite senior girls’ category 2020.

1st position in AD MAD Show 2021.

1st position in Monoacting 2021.

1st position in PowerPoint presentation making on cybercrime and security 2021.

Completed an IMUN internship.

The secured second position in DAV Lit Fest Poetry Slam Competition 2020.

Has participated in DAV National Sports, New Delhi, Gold medalist in Karate at DAV Zonal Sports meet 2018.

Silver medalist in Karate at DAV Zonal Sports meets 2019.

3rd prize winner in 2018 Inter Dojo Karate Tournament.

First prize winner in memory test 2015.

She has received the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Gyanpeeth Award for Best Artist in 2014.

 Facilitated with the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Gyanpeeth award for capturing the second position in 2013.

 Scored 91% in social studies of Uganda, Africa in 2016.

Scored 94% in science in Uganda in 2016.

Has been the best student of the year in 2011-12.

Secured 3rd position in Drawing Competition organized by Lions Club Kakinada city in 2014.

Secured first position in 100m run-in 2012.

Secured first position in handwriting competition in 2013.

First position in lantern making 2018.

First position in college making 2018.

The second position in placard making 2018.

1st position in Fit India Essay Writing 2019.

First position in Quiz Competition 2019, second position in fancy dress competition 2019.

The second position was in drawing and coloring in 2010.

Has been honored by the Green belt (4th Kyu) in Kyokushin karate by Kyokushinkai India after passing the belt graduation exam and many more.

After 10 years from now, her parents see her as a successful person achieving greater heights in life. She is an extrovert and has a keen interest in both English and Hindi language Literature along with Psychology.

The parenting tips from her parents are:

Believe in your child.

Recognize her/his interests.

Encourage your child to be a better person

Her interest in social work and creating awareness concerning many social issues has amazed her parents.

This was all about Pratiksha Mukherjee. The child prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavours.