Prutha Kashikar – The Child Prodigy

Prutha Kashikar, a wonderful kid from Pune, Maharashtra loves to learn, and at a very tender age of 7 months old, she used to point out towards the objects named around her. She is incredibly curious and never fails to amaze everyone with her talents. Normally kids start learning alphabets between the age of 2 to 3 years but Prutha could identify entire words before she was even 2 years of age which left her parents delighted. She has a special ability that she can read and grasp too quickly and indicates towards the words within a few seconds as pronounced. She already identifies various categories of flashcards/ picture cards including flags, currencies, colors, animals, shapes, continents, insects, flowers, and many more. She can also recognize sounds of various musical instrument that makes her a child prodigy.

She is also named in the International Book of Record Holder. She holds the record of “maximum word cards identified by a toddler” when she was only 1 year 11 months old she identified 100 words cards of different categories and has set a new words record for the International Book of Records. Also, she holds the record of Super talented kid as she identified 534 flashcards of different categories including flags, countries, transport, and many other things. The International Book of Records awarded her with “Super Talented Kid” on 5th January 2022 and stated her as one in a million.

Prutha is a loving, affectionate and caring child and tends to understand the situation well. She loves listening to music, dancing, playing instruments and is attracted to books. She is an ambivert and enjoys her peer mates company and pursues her interests along as well. She takes her praises as encouragement and always tries to improve herself and do better or something new. Her parents also make sure that she spends time with friends and play outdoor games for her physical and mental growth to ensure a normal childhood. They try to support her and give her the freedom to choose her interests.

Her journey and inclusiveness to explore the deep-diving attitude was a continuous process. The above-referred interests in Prutha have manifested cumulatively to earn laurels that come in her way. According to her parents, Sushant and Suwarna, Prutha is an amazing and lovable kid with a strong and emotional bent of mind. Her parents had always taught her the importance of values and discipline in one’s life and also to respect others. They do not put any pressure on her and allow her to follow her interests without distractions. Prutha’s parent’s advice to other parents is to provide correct information to their child always and fulfill their grid to know about small things.

We are sure by now you would be amazed by this child prodigy who is such an inspiration to other kids and pride to her family. This is all about Prutha Kashikar, the Child Prodigy team wishes her more glory and luck for her future endeavors.