Rajat Mahesh Tawari: The All-Rounder

Children are unique, they have different grasping power and talents. Today we will be talking about Rajat Mahesh Tawari, who is excellent at multiple things. He studies at Saket Public School in Gondia, Maharashtra.

His parents Mahesh Radheshyamji Tawari (father) and Mahesh Radheshyamji Tawari (mother) discovered his talent for the first time when he was only 4 years old. He is always eager to learn new things of his interest. He is very good at skating, has control over his movements, and has exceptional core strength. His reflexes are quite strong. He is very passionate and ambitious. He has good concentration power and can work without taking breaks. As he has learned the abacus, his calculation speed and accuracy are quite fast.

His parents wish to see him working at ISRO after 10 years. One of the most memorable moments for his parents was when he achieved his 1st degree of Abacus at a very early age of just 8 years. He is also interested in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Some of his achievements are highlighted below:

He has participated in a skating competition organized at the State Level.

He has a Degree in Abacus.

He has played the Chess tournaments at the National Level.

He has won a Gold and a Bronze medal in an Olympiad organized by NASA.

He secured 3rd rank in a Science Quiz Competition.

He has won a gold medal in a Skating Competition organized at a Summer Camp in Bhopal.

He has also secured 2nd Rank in an Olympiad on digital workshop.

He has secured a score of 100/100 in the Binary Decimal and Hexadecimal Number System.

He has also stood 1st in a debate competition.

He has the certificate of participation in a GK competition.

We asked her parents do they sometimes feel pressure from the expectations that society may hold of Rajat? To this, they answered that they neither take the pressure nor they create such type of pressure. They always let him do what he finds interesting and encourage him to give his best.

When did our team ask her parents how would they ensure a normal childhood for Rajat after the fame and recognition he will get via our platform?

His parents said that they have given him moral values so that he becomes a better person and a good human being and always stays grounded. 

His parents suggested a few parenting tips that parents must support their children and guide them to achieve their goals.

He is very affectionate towards his parents as well as his friends. He is always ready to help his friends whenever possible. He takes care of his younger siblings. He always extends his help to his mother with household chores. He is very welcoming and treats everyone with respect.

This was all about Rajat. The entire team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.