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Before we start telling you about our talented champ’s inspiring life, we would like to tell you about his loveable personality. He is the child who would share his pizza with you if you sit next to him in the canteen. He is super friendly and loves making new friends. He is very helpful, caring and understanding person. He embraces every individual with all the love he has and has written poems on his best friend, school, father, mother, sister, soldiers, moon, sun, birds, lockdown, alien and many more interesting topics.

This 9-year-old child has eyes on “India’s Book of Records” and has plans to publish his book. His parents are very supportive and are already making him participate in many competitions so that Rajveer gets trained. 

Wait! Knowing that his parents are making him participate in many events, I am sure you are concerned that if Rajveer feels pressurised of performing well. But here is what Mrs. Mitali, Rajveer’s mother keeps reminding him. She ensures to constantly remind him that there may be some days that you may not get any prize but it is important to try your hands on everything. This sportsmanship spirit that Rajveer has got from his mother helped him in achieving many laurels. Some of his achievements are- His name is on the website of Wheebox World English Olympiad as he ranked 2nd on National level in Class 3. He appeared for the Global Etiquette Olympiad for Grade 3 and Grade 4 both in grade 3 and he scored 97% and 100% in Grade 4. He got 1st Rank in Neltas S-Cat Competitive exam when he was in Grade 3, M-CAT he ranked 3 for Grade 3, and ECAT ranked 3 for Grade 3. This mastermind managed to not let his academics suffer because of the Competitive exams and cleared his school level with good grades for grade 3. He is an excellent and outstanding performer in school too. He also appeared for Mastermind competitive exam and he qualified for Intra school level with A+ and qualified for State level and in state-level in Maths he ranked 2nd, in Science he ranked 1st and in English he ranked 2nd and qualified for the national level exam. As we mentioned he is our all-rounder child, he has not only excelled in calculus subjects but his achievements in creativity will also leave you spellbound. As his mother used to play word and rhyming game with him so he developed an interest in poetry. Both mother and son spent lockdown in a very fruitful manner. He used to play rhyming words games with his mother and that is how he started writing poetry and created his own poems and one of his got awarded. He was also inspired with the author Himanshu Rai and loved his Character Rhythm Roger so much that he thought of writing his own story and poetry. He also participated in Dr. Owlbert Contest by ME FLICK for creativity contest related to literacy and Won 3rd prize.

Well, his mother did not take all the credit rather she gives a big shoutout to his school “NES International IB World School, Mulund-West, Mumbai” for inculcating rich humanistic values in Rajveer. He made a Birdfeeder, bookmarks, and paper bags out of waste. His mother shared that the school celebrates days like “World Environment Day” and instills a sense of responsibility towards the planet in students. His mother also shared that because of school Founder Principal, Head of School and all his teachers play an very important role in his life. He participated in Father’s Day contest conducted by Spellquest where children have to write 300 words on Father using the words given by them so he wrote a note about his Father with his beautiful poem he already created on his Father and it got awarded 1st runner prize. He participated in Spell Bee Competition conducted by Spellquest and he qualified for all three levels that are a school, state, and national…For school he came on 2nd position, In the state level, he got more than 95% marks, In national level, he got more than 95% and he ranked  in top 10 winner award. In SOF Olympiad competitive exam in GK he got the gold medal of excellence for grade 3 In CIDS competitive exam in Quiz GK he got 4th Rank In CIDS competitive exam in Wordwiz English he got Achiever award with Bronze medal In CIDS competitive exam in Mathwiz Math he got Master award with Silver Medal for grade 3. In Crest Olympiad Competitive exam for Spell Bee Exams, he got the Zonal award that is west zone Rank 6 gold medal and merit certificate for Grade 3. In Crest Olympiad Competitive Exam for Grade 3 for Computer, he got Zonal award west zone Rank 14 with Merit Certificate.

 He also participated in Mental Maths Competition For grades 2 and Grade 3 and he stood on Rank 5 with 296/300 marks and stands in the top 10 positions. Rajveer also has an interest in robotics, coding, experimenting, and making working models. As already mentioned he is an all-rounder child and is very good at sports. He love to play Basketball and Football matches. He has a nose for story writing also and his narrative writing got first prize. His story is also published in the first magazine of his coaching class. All Rounder champ Rajveer also likes dancing and singing. His favorite song these days is “Never Say Never” and the lyrics are relatable to what his mother tells him “Never Say Never”. “Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground” as the lyrics of the song conveys this message to take things positively, Rajveer follows this golden rule. There are days when his friends lone-zone him and feel he is at an advantage because of his caliber but he takes everything positively and manages to gel up well with everyone.

 He likes to solve brainy puzzles like Sudoku and Kenken and he participated in the Kenken competition where he cleared city level but then he didn’t appear for further levels due to personal issues. He was also awarded in his coaching class for his story writing. Apart from all this, he has participated in many other competitive exams like Logiqids, NOF, Hindustan Olympiad, ISTSE, NSTSE, Hummingbird Olympiad, Indian School Talent search, Mathalon competition conducted by Maths Buddy, Unified Council, Mental Maths etc. He is very much fond of research and tries to find out new things. He won second prize in school in his science exhibition conducted by his school. He has a lot of interest in space and space study and loves to know about new things like words, things, animals anything, etc. He loves music and says wants to try out his hands-on singing and learning musical instruments.

All the Artistic creativity he has got from his mother, technical from his father, skills and compassion from his school. While talking to his mother we got to know that she will be happy if Rajveer becomes a doctor or an engineer but there is no pressure on him. She will support him in whatever he desires to be. She says he might become a Scientist as he desires or may become a poet, he should be successful wherever he goes, she added. Sometimes there are challenges because of which parents are unable to make him participate in any particular competition but there are some financial constraints but they make sure to find similar opportunities for Kids. The child himself also never fails to create learning opportunities for himself. For instance, he is a German class student but learned French from a friend who is a French student. He is also a self-taught guru of Spanish counting.  

The Golden Parenting tips that his parents apply- 

Mr. Pinank Doshi(Father) & Mrs. Mitali (Mother)- “Do not compare your child with anyone else, every child is unique!” she further added that parents should not put any pressure on them to excel and understand that “Sun shines in its own time during the day and Moon shines in its own time during night”. Thus every child shines in his/her own time.

They also added “Parents are a child’s first teacher and mentor, be a good role model for them. Children do as you do and your child watches you get clues on how to behave in the world, so use your behavior to guide him/her. What you do is often much more important than what you say. If you want your child to say ‘please’, ‘sorry’, ‘Thank you or something else which is good say it yourself first or do it yourself first. Also if you don’t want your child to raise his/her voice, speak politely, quietly, or gently yourself. Make time for your kids and make communication a priority. Discover your child’s strengths. Work on your child’s weaknesses. Teach your child to make his/her weakness as his/her strength. Teach them never to give up attitude. Playing games and having fun with your child can help your child feel happier, be more relaxed and build resilience. Sharing special times can be great for you too it’s your chance to be a kid again and have fun with them. Sharing happy experiences helps to build your relationship with your child. Get down to your child’s level. Always encourage your child to tell truth and the importance of honesty is always the best policy. Don’t follow physical punishment. Praise and encouragement are always needed. Praise your child for his strengths and praise efforts as well as an achievement. Teach them winning is good but losing is also a part and more than winning, participation is most important, and not giving up is more valuable. Correct them for their mistakes. Don’t try to hide it or stand for the wrong. Don’t compare your child to others. Every child is unique and every child has its calibre and capabilities. Comparing them to others will itself make them lose their battle and their morale and self-esteem will become very low. Don’t compare and asked them to be someone’s copy and tells them be themselves. Give your support when they need it the most. Always speak positively and use positive affirmations. If they do good then give those rewards and privileges. Teach them discipline and the value of time and money. Teach your child to have goals and be ambitious. Love them unconditionally and hug them always”.

In the end, through our platform, his parents want to thank his school’s Founder Principal Dr. R. Varadarajan Sir and Head of school Primrose Ma’am for providing children many opportunities to explore their talents and bring out the best in them.

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