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Geniuses are made or born is a never-ending debate which is yet to reach a conclusion, but every now and then we meet someone who questions the entirety of both notions. Ratna Taneja a six years old child prodigy hailing from Gurgaon is one such person who makes us question the concept, Is talent really innate? In an interview with Ratna, The Child Prodigy team tried to grab the crux of the concept.

“Ratna was always a sharp kid. She was able to learn the National anthem when she was just three years old along with various rhymes and perform Mool Mantra in formal schools at the age of 2.5 years. This is the age when kids hardly form sentences. She knows Japji Sahib 5 Pauri Path. Ratna is a quick learner who is very inquisitive. Her hobbies include experimenting in science concepts and researching various themes. Her curious nature is always helping her learn new things but the guiding force is her family. In such a young age Ratna is able to recite and learn by heart various scientific and cultural concepts. “Children do what they see. If you are watching something on mobile and wishing your kid read books it’s not possible. Although it is important that they are themselves interested, the parents also need to do what they preach says Ratna’s mother who is a firm believer that the first education starts from home.

Ratna is very interested in learning about faith and various cultural aspects of World, it’s her parents who encourage her to stick to the roots. “Children nowadays learn a western song in hours but don’t know anything about their culture. We need to connect them to their roots. Children always  know that there is a greater power existing but it’s on us that we give them space, freedom and effort to develop their thinking. Not forcing your thinking but letting them grow ” adds Ratna’s Parents when asked about how they managed to inculcate a feeling of fascination and curiosity in Ratna’s mind about the Culture at such a young age.

Furthermore, Ratna is a very tech savvy kid who also has an edifying YouTube channel where she post informative videos. Very much connected to roots, Ratna also knows all the Shaloka’s of Sukhmani Sahib ji path. Her curiosity gets the best of her whenever she learns about something new. Her Family believes in the practicality of education and thus stresses on experimental and observational study done by kids. “She is always learning. When we go out, whatever she sees she asks questions, I also pose questions like what’s the difference between a Car and taxi. – Like car has normal number plate and Taxi has Yellow number plate.

Things like that make children interested in learning, ” expressed Ratna’s Parents. Furthermore, Ratna’s learning by doing nature always keeps her up and going. She recently made a model of dinosaurs and their habitat and is extremely excited for her upcoming presentation. Ratna is also getting education in a school where the learning method is do and learn rather than cramming. When Ratna is not learning she is tinkering. Making best out of waste and recycling waste products into work or art is her recent fad. When asked how they manage School studies and extracurricular activities in a balanced way. Ratna’s parents shared that they manage the weekends and weekdays in a timely manner. However Ratna is a quick learner so they do not face much difficulty managing it. Her Mother further shared that letting her do things in the way she wants to helps a lot. She also stresses that a healthy relationship with a child is of utmost importance.

 Her expressive nature comes from the fact that she is never forced to do things which she herself doesn’t enjoy. On being asked about the relationship with kids Ratna’s Parents.expressed “We shouldn’t always say no to kids we should listen first and give them a justified reason if there is any for that no. Otherwise it will create a communication gap and create hurdles with trust building. Their world is too big and too imaginative to be caged, yes we need to be vigilant for their safety but also make them independent.” Ratna is a born explorer, always looking for new things to do, doing something which can make her better and we have her upbringing to thank for that. With proper space and tremendous efforts Ratna is becoming a child with a radiant future and we at the Child Prodigy wish her all the best for her life ahead.





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