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Using the creative and artistic skills, Rish Mehta can turn non-toxic clay and decorative material into idols of Lord Ganesha. The boy so young, but his achievements remain matchless as besides clay modelling, Rish is equally brilliant in writing stories and creating books.     

Rish, a star for his parent Sneha Mehta and Ritesh Mehta, is shining brightly and making the country proud with his list of achievements. Rish was honoured by the ‘India Book of Records’ for making the maximum number of idols of Lord Ganesha using clay. Besides, the ‘Asia Book of Records’ also applauded the star kid for his achievements. His video of achievements got acknowledged in the news channel named ‘Sudarshan’.

“When Rish was just 6 years old, we realized that he has some supplementary qualities which make him different from other children of the same age group. Besides getting records on his name, Rish has participated in many competitions in his school. He has won prizes for the best handwriting award for rangotsav”, said Sneha Mehta, adding that her little champ is also a champion in playing chess and has even participated in a few local chess tournaments. The kid has interests in various sections while books are his best friend.

In another feather to his capabilities, Rish can sing English songs, in such a melodious voice with the correct pronunciation. 

“He is straightforward when it comes to taking permission. He has great convincing power. He gives responses in a tricky manner which can surprise anyone. These qualities will also help him in growing as a person”, she said.

Rish’s parents are so humble and supportive that they have given him the freedom to pursue his dreams in every field. His parents believe that children should do whatever they want to, as it will give them immense happiness.

Sneha and Ritesh are confident that in the next 10 years, Rish will be an intellectual, cheerful and skilled communicator by his deeds. “His qualities will take him to the next level of success”, they said.  

“Rish’s achievements will be admired by the public and will invite fame. As his parents, we will teach our child that this is just a starting for his career and life and that he has to go a long way. We will teach him to be patient, humble and passionate, for entire life and then only the success will come his way”, said star kid’s father, Ritesh.

In terms of personality, Rish is an ambivert child who exhibits qualities of both introvert and extrovert. He takes some time to open up with other kids and build trust, unless he shares some common interests. If he makes friends then he purely upholds the relationship with honesty. 

Parents have infinite precious moments with their children, starting from birth and till the present. “The moment when Rish made me cry in happiness was when I was unwell and he took care of me. He was only 5 years old then and he had brought a glass of water so that I could take medicines and rest”, said Sneha, proudly.  

While advising other on parenthood, Rish’s parents added, “I firmly believe that each child is extraordinary and we, as their parents, should make them feel motivated by exposing their work to others. Children do have potential, it is just that we need to notice their efforts, push them towards positivity and appreciate them to enhance their capabilities.”

“Besides investing time in materialistic things, parents should spend some time with their kids. Even parents will learn plenty of lessons from their children”, they added.



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