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Over the centuries, some of the world’s brightest minds have shared wise words that remain relevant to this day and  Shakuntala Devi the world renown Indian writer and mental calculator said “Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.” Many people admire the beauty of numbers but not all can immerse themselves in it, but once in every blue moon comes a talent who does and Rishi pandey is one such talent. Rishi a eight year old student hailing from Delhi started doing abacus from a very young age. Rishi got interested in numbers at the young age of three, his parents found his fascination with numbers astonishing. With two Asia book of record, three India book of record and two international book of records under his belt, Rishi has solidified his position as a Mathematical prodigy in just five years. He also won the national and state round of the Arithmetic Genius contest 2020 and was awarded a cash sum of twenty one thousand.


 Furthermore, Rishi is also a talented kid when it comes to computers. Completing the basic computer course at just four years of age, he once again stunned everyone. Currently learning coding, he has done advanced block programming in addition to learning  alpha and python .With more and more recognition coming his way in the field of abacus one can surely say that Rishi is nurturing a talent so great that it can give adults a run for their money. Recognized as Baby Einstein by his school Rishi is also academically talented, but his talent doesn’t end there as he is a star kid when it comes to extracurricular activities. He enjoys drawing and is an incredibly good dancer. On his way to becoming the youngest and the only kid to recite mathematical tables from two to ten thousand, Rishi is an exceedingly talented child prodigy waiting to become the best there is.


When asked how they manage to bring out the best in their kid his mother said, “Efforts go a long way. Kids are like clay, at a young age you can mould them whichever way you want. I teach them the value of reading and being learned. If breathing, eating and sleeping is important for your body, vital to live a healthy life then so is reading for the mind. And Rishi understands it. She shared that bringing out the best in Rishi was possible because he himself works very hard for it. A very responsible kid Rishi, always tends to complete a work as soon as possible, as he enjoys the satisfaction of getting something done. She further added “Whenever I see any competition being organized for Abacus I fill it, I can only do that much but we get the best results because Rishi never says no to hard work or throws tantrums. It’s very important for parents to let the kids know early on the importance of hard work and time.”   


Moreover, Rishi is a quick learner and a very good orator. “If a kid is absent or they need someone to do a speech at the last minute in his school, they call him. He gets it done” shared his mother, who also stresses on the importance of time in children’s lives. “We are getting more time due to Covid, to spend with our children. It would be wise to utilize it; we cannot say that my kid can’t do this or that because of covid. It’s an opportunity for us parents to utilize the time we are getting. Use it to recognize their talents, to spend it in a positive way.Kids do what they see, we ourselves have to be the role model for them. We have to teach them the importance of time” she articulated.


A very humble and soft spoken kid Rishi calls Abacus his role model. He wants to work hard and get the tally of his award to ten this year However, Rishi’s mother resolutely believes that there is no need to pressurize kids if they are not interested in doing something. “Rishi’s aims and goals are his; only we can support him but not pressurize. Parents need to work in order to recognize what fascinates their kid, where does their interest lie. You will feel no pressure if you do what you enjoy” she explained when we asked how they manage to give Rishi a stress free environment to grow. Amidst the culture of helicopter parenting where children are hardly able to breathe, Rishi’s upbringing brings a breath of fresh air and our team wishes Rishi a very bright future ahead.






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