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There is famous quote by Harry Edwards that says, “We must teach our children to dream with their eyes open.” We should teach children that no dream is ever too big or too small, that they can achieve anything if they truly put their minds to it. We should let them reach for the stars and beyond.

Riyana is one-year ten-month-old child prodigy who has shown incredible memorizing abilities when it comes to flashcards. She has been learning flashcards since she was 6 months old. She has been always curious to learn different things and explore more about the environment around her. She has always been intrigued about getting involved into new activities.

Her mother has remained her biggest supporter and her best friend. She used to look on internet for new and interesting stuff, she could teach her daughter about. And while googling about new co-curricular activities she came across a unique program known as “Raising Super Star”by  Raghav & Shraddha Himatsingka. This program introduced many new and interesting activities to Riyana who got involved in it pretty quickly. The method of ‘fun with learning’ is the best way to teach as the child enjoys the activity and graspswell. This wonderkind is still exploring her field of interests and tries to get involved into new activities.

Her mother expressed that its quite easy to teach unique things to Riyana as she is a fast learner and inclined to learn more. “It just requires patience,” she added. Riyana is an introvert, her mother revealed. It is because she is a lockdown child and has not interacted with many kids of her age.

Riyana’s mother give all the credits to the “Raising Super Star” program which enabled her huge potentials and developed her grasping skills. She added, “This program outlined every activity so precisely.” Riyana with her mother engage into fun & loving activities such as identifying colors and shapes which develops their cognitive skills and specification of animals with their sounds and their babies. She is a strengthful child and follows regular diet. Further, she acquires knowledge quite persistently and also is a great observer and learner.

Her mother expressed an analogy while talking about her ‘parenting mantra’ with us. “You have to sow a bamboo tree and give water & nourishment to it for 4-5 years. After which it will just shoot up.” Like this every child needs support and resources from their parents and after they shine bright like diamonds. She shared, “Invest in your children and know that they can learn anything and everything.” Every child is unique with different learning capabilities and potential, to compare them is wrong parenting attitude.


To conclude, she explained that “as a parent I would never create pressure for my child.” 

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