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Rubaab Bhagat is a 5-year-old boy who has been singled out by big brands, like amazon, flipkart, etc. to model for their website shoots, print shoots and ramp walking. He has also been awarded with prizes for the same. As he grew up, his interest also flared up in singing as well. Our magazine Prodigy discovered him and recognized his talents which made Rubaab’s parents believe that he, too, is a child prodigy. Since the time he was a toddler, he used to hum tunes. Both his paternal as well as his maternal grandmothers were the first to fall for his singing. Rubaab’s school teachers, too, got mesmerized with his singing and how he could sing so well without any formal training. They also used to regularly encourage him to keep singing.

When we asked Rubaab’s parents as to where they would like to see him in the next ten years, they said that he would be a 15-year-old teenager by then and he would be pursuing his interest and shining bright. They want him to be a kind and handsome teenager, spreading happiness and standing tall. Rubaab is a very confident and happy child. He is very sensitive, kind hearted and at times, even naughty. His parents say that the notion that a child with higher IQ tends to isolate himself from his peers, doesn’t hold true in Rubaab’s case. They say that Rubaab is a very curious and extremely social child who loves to play and be with his friends.

His parents, furthermore, went on to say that Rubaab has been imbibed with good values since the beginning and he is a very grounded child. He also respects everyone regardless of their age, status and religion. He has learned to share, care and give to the underprivileged. He has also donated many of his toys and clothes to the needy. One of the memorable moments that Rubaab’s parents shared with us was when they first saw him walking on the ramp, confidently for Juniors Fashion Week, Delhi. He is very passionate about singing and is a fashionista from his head to toe. They also tell us that they don’t put any kind of pressure on Rubaab and that he is free to pursue any thing that holds his interest. They say that the child’s overall development and happiness matters the most to them. They even shared with us one of the moments with their child that amazed them. They said that he sings for his grandmother, who is fighting cancer, cheers her up, makes her eat with his tiny hands and gives his best efforts to always make her smile.

Some of the achievements of Rubaab were also shared by his parents. They told us that he has done print and web site modelling for brands like, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and I Love Cotton. He has also ramp walked for Juniors Fashion Week, Delhi for Emporio Armani and Mona Lisa. Lastly, the topmost parenting tip given by Rubaab’s parents for their readers was to give your child freedom and space to bloom and flourish in a healthy stress free environment. 



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