Ruchir Nayak: The Child Prodigy

Child prodigies have an intense drive to master the skills they possess and perform to the best of their abilities. Today we will be talking about Ruchir Nayak, who is only 5 years old, and his little brain stores much more information than we all can expect. He studies at Little Blossom Preschool in Bangalore.

He has such a sharp memory that he can spot every little thing on the world map, be it the Caribbean islands or the huge African nation. He knows the names of the countries along with the flag and all the countries lying on the equator, tropic of cancer, tropic of Capricorn, and prime meridian.

He can recognize the cultural setup, biodiversity, landform, and famous monuments of different countries. His memory is quite sharp that he can create the clay model of a world map with countries and landforms.

He is a self-driven kid and has an invincible urge to explore new information every day by himself.

He had started learning the alphabet and framing words from the country he had come across around the globe. Unlike cramming specific words during nursery class he used to recognize A for Argentina or Armenia and other countries’ names. His parents, he is the Geography Teacher to them.

He has a considerable interest in knowing the culture and heritage of India. He amazes his parents almost every day by sharing different information and ideas with them. He is aware of different subjects like mathematics, science, astronomy, and mythologies required at his level. He completed the multiplication tables from 1 to 10 all by himself just by counting the increments through his fingers.

He has a splendid photographic memory. He started reciting shloka from Bhagvat Gita and our national anthem just by listening to them when he was only 3 years old. He knows more than 3 dozen rhymes, shlokas, and also some song/bhajan in his vernacular languages.

He wants to be a scientist and pursue research in the laboratory on the topic of what does infinity means.

According to his parents, Mr. Chinmaya Nayak and Mrs. Ruparekkha Swain, the platform of The Child Prodigy is the right cause to encourage talented children. This is going to boost up the confidence level in the child as well as it would inspire other kids as well. They also added that he is too young to know about fame.

He is an extrovert and loves to make friends. He even gets along with his relatives so easily. He is a fun-loving kid who loves to visit different places around the world. He mimics himself as a police officer most of the time, roaming around with his toy gun and catching the trouble makers to put them in the prison.

His parents said that the pressure from society must always be taken in a positive way to derive inspiration from it to achieve the next milestone. They further added that the parents must provide the right environment to the children to let them grow naturally and let them do what makes them happy.

He even remembers the words and the gestures made by the people he meets. He believes that everyone must be treated with love and care. His inner self is attached to nature. He hardly demands or complains about anything.

His parents take pride in him and said that his achievements at such tender age of 5 are the best gift from the Almighty they could ever get.

This was all about Ruchir Nayak. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.