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By proving all the notions wrong about the rapping industry being a spoiler to the upcoming generations, this young rapper from Dehradun, India is setting the new benchmark in the society. A rapper who is not only amazing with the flow of his rap but also picks up topics those are hard to expect from an 11-year-old. 

He is non-other than Rudra Rajdeep Bhatia who is recognized on a global level for his raps and prestigious organizations like Google and YouTube are well versed of him.He is as generous being such a big rising star and still being so grounded in asking us if we’ve had food or not, the child who would share his food with you when you sit next to him. While conversing with our team he was considerate enough to ask about our wellbeing and then he started the interview.

 His talent was hinted by his father three years ago when he was listening to rap music and picked up the pace as it is.Parents who discover their child’s talent at the right age and leave no stone unturned to help their child pursue their passion raise prodigies. Rudra’s parents are those parents who were blessedly enlightened and discovered their child’s interest and supported their son in following his interest. From this point, the journey started. As we all know listening to rap music can be a matter of concern these days for parents because of the topics that are addressed in rap music, it was not the case with Rudra.Just as the Hamsa(bird), the swan can separate milk from water from a mixture of the two, similarly Rudra Rajdeep chose the right genre for his raps making all of us proud. He was the one who competed on all ISKCON levels with his Janamashtmi rap.

 He is well cultured and his devotional creations in a form of rap for Lord Krishna’s pleasure are a sweet way for an 11 year old to carry forward the great traditions of the nation. His submission for the pleasure of Lord Krishna was most loved and appreciated by ISKCON New Vrindaban, USA and was shared on New Vrindaban Facebook page.

 He is not only taking such enriched topics to rap but also has a unique style of presenting them. He makes it a point to deliver the best with whatever resources he has. Rudra has mastered the art of video editing also and for his Janmashtami rap video, he very inimitably showed the entire Lord Krishna’s story in a form of a movie. He edited it himself in the application software Flamingo. He not only edited it impressively but also narrated Krishna’s story in the rap. 

He attracted a lot of praise with this audio video masterpiece and one of the finest recognition came from a distinguished Purohit of a renowned temple in Mathura Vrindavan. Our young rapper also has his YouTube channel and has a huge fan base on it. Rudra is working single-mindedly to satisfy his army of fans and has a string of creations.

A melodious rap song he has created is “Apni Bari Aari”. He penned down the chances he is attracting, to express the aspiring rapper inside him that’s knocking loudly to earn the love all around. The lyrics of Apni Baari Aari are as such- “Apni Baari Aari, Maine Mehant Karke Success Apne Dil Pe laga daali”.

 His brilliant creativity named “Apne Dum Par” is a benchmark showcasing the hard work & determination he puts in to be a self made rapper. 

He got an idea of “Mera Bachpan Beeta Jae” during the never ending lockdown period. With no ray of light nearby, how the children are spending their childhood locked in homes! These exceptional topics addressed by an 11-year-old are gaining a lot of admiration. Rudra keeps participating in various competitions.He was a finalist in Mumbai based “LitKids Open Mic contest” for children. It was India’s largest online talent hunt. He was the finalist there in the singing category.

 He was invited as a guest rapper by the Dehradun Rotary club on World’s Students’ day. The meet lasted for 4 hours and his performances were much enjoyed. He got a token of appreciation for the same. 

His name has been published as a rapper in leading dailies like “The Himachal Times” & “Garhwal Post”.

 Having a student like Rudra is a proud moment for his school and he is getting immense love from the school authorities. His teachers appreciate him a lot & he gets the best support from his school. The School Alumni wing also supports him through their alumni facebook page. 

His father was asked that about the parenting tips, he said, that every parent should support their child in pursuing their interest. Once you help your child in finding & recognizing their passion, very devotionally foster their natural talents.While following and practicing the skill of their interest, the child learn to cope with tough things by leaning on their passion. Pushing the child to compete is much necessary as the child will learn many aspects of life whenever he win or lose in any competition. Tough times will teach him to work even harder whenever life gets tough. He firmly believes that it is very important to spend quality time with your child to burst the bubble with your child and make him reveal his interests. 

He is giving his best in every possible way and believes in developing a great bond of trust with his son. He mentioned that trust is very essential to a positive parent-child relationship. Rudra must always believe in himself and his belief must be well sacred to have the full support of his parents. Rudra’s father follows the mantra “believe you can and you’re halfway there” and with this vision, he has set his eyes on all the high platforms for Rudra.

The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the kids who are extraordinarily talented and “Rudra Rajdeep Bhatia” is one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies. He has earned the title “The Young Rapper” by The Child Prodigy Magazine for his dedication in writing and singing phenomenal raps.

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