S. Keerthana – The Child Prodigy

S. Keerthana, a wonder kid, and student of Sri Sairam Engineering College have proven herself to be one of the child prodigies. A child prodigy is someone who holds extraordinary talents as compared to others of the same age. They possess astonishing skills and are prideful for society and motivation for other kids. 

S. Keerthana shows excellent writing skills. She has been awarded the All India Best Writer Award- 2022, Meritorious Star of the year- 2022, Writer’s Ink Awards- 2021, Sparkling Scribbler of the year- 2021. She holds the world record for Fastest Dedicational Book. She is a TEDx speaker, Co-author of 70+ anthologies and she has compiled 7+ books till now.

Finding opportunities in a disaster is very important and helpful. Keerthana worked continuously to enhance her skills during the lockdown. Her parents Seetharaman and Sumathy discovered their daughter’s ability to write so well during this lockdown. While others were enjoying sitting at home idol she worked continuously to make herself a better version of herself. Our team asked her parents to share with us their dreams of seeing their child 10 years from now and they told us they wish to see her as a bestselling author and a successful entrepreneur.

She has a personality of an extrovert i.e. someone who gets along well in the company of others and is very social and friendly. She is interested in gardening and helps with households chores. We asked for her parent’s opinion on the notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates as they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone to which they say that this notion is incorrect as peer mates are very crucial in the learning process. Children discover lots of new things in the company of their friends.

The features a child gets through this platform are very nice but people start recognizing them and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination so ensuring a normal childhood is very important. Keerthana’s parents feel that childhood is the point when we have to give the needed inputs to get a successful output. When raising a prodigy kid they recommend others parents to let the child explore and choose what he/she wishes to do and then nurture and guide them to achieve the goals they desire. 

The glories she has reached are not easy, it is a dream for many others. Her success is a result of her never-ending hustle and determination. She has been working very hard to get everything she desires. Keeping in mind the pressure from the expectations of society is not an easy task. She has a strong and creative bent of mind. Her parents too should be given some credit as parents are the wood that becomes the ladder to reach new heights every day. They have always taught her the values of life and to respect others and be grounded on the Earth.

We are sure by now you would be amazed by this wonderful kid. This is all about S. Keerthana, the team The Child Prodigy wishes her good luck in her future endeavors.