S. Maheshraaja – The Amazing Kid

Child Prodigy is a child who Is exceptionally good or skilful at something and able to attain success at an early age. One such amazing kid, about whom we will be talking is an 11 years old child, Dr. S Maheshraaja, currently studying in 6th class in St. Mary’s Senior Secondary School, Portblair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. who has. He is truly an example of child prodigy. He has not left any stone unturned, be it painting, essay writing or martial arts, sports, he has excelled in every field making him an extraordinary and multi-talented child.

He has received a certificate of Honorary Doctorate as Achiever from International Anti-corruption and Human Rights Council. He has been a record holder in International Book of Records, India book of records, bravo world book of record, Multi-talented award from Magic book of records, Kalam book of records.

When he was in 4th standard, he had drawn a portrait of Rabindranath Tagore and Allu Arjun without even practicing it, which shows his love for painting. He has won State, National and International level painting competitions. He has been a winner of Gold Artist Awards in 2020 and 2021. He has also won diamond artist and Junior Picasso 2021 Award from International Picasso Art Contest.

The most memorable moment for his parents was that when he won his first gold medal in the State Level Martial Arts.

His list of achievements does not stop here but continues further and received Pratibha Samman Golden peacock Award 2020 in kids Art and Music Category. He received Evince Creative Warrior Award 2020, Swachh Bharat Art Excellence Award in essay writing and handwriting, Painting and National Clean India Activity Award and Healthy India Art Excellence Award 2021. He is a gold medal winner in FAG Art Award 2021.

 As per told by his parents S. Sundaramurthy (father) and S. Tamaraiselvi (mother), he is an extrovert, hardworking, a quick learner, a keen observer and an inquisitive child who raises interesting questions like “Why the sun is in the centre of our solar system, why not the other planet?”.

His ambition is to become a famous artist and a world champion in martial arts and wants to represent India in the Riffle shooting at Olympic Games. He has also received several belts in the martial arts.

Not only this but he is also a cricket as well as a badminton player. He is an enthusiastic person and wants to set more and more records.

He is very stylish and has also participated in kids modelling competitions. He has also received the title of Master Pre-teen Stylish in little Miss and Master teen Nations.

He is also pursuing a certification course in painting and a diploma in Computer Applications. He is quite an understanding child and cooks for himself some small dishes when his mother is sick. He takes care of his mother quite well by giving her timely medications as prescribed by the doctor. He has become a role model for other kids.

He is the matter of pride to his family and his parents are extremely happy with him.


This was all about  S. Maheshraaja . The child prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavours.