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Saanvi the Talented Child!

मूकं करोति वाचालं पङ्गुं लङ्घयते गिरिं 
यत्कृपा तमहं वन्दे परमानन्द माधवम् 

When Ernest Hemingway said “There is no friend as loyal as a book” the world stood still and listened, but only a few were able to make the books their friends, and among those few was Saanvi. Hailing from Hyderabad, Saanvi Jamalpur is currently a student of seventh grade and is known for her incredible reading and comprehensive abilities. She amazed everyone when she learned seven hundred Bhagwat Geeta shlokas by heart. An avid reader of spiritual stories, the young reader also loves children’s fiction. In addition to her innate talent for reading and learning, Saanvi is also known for being an excellent orator. Introduced to the art of public speaking at a very young age, Saanvi has been giving speeches since she was five years old and has won many prizes for the same.


When Margaret Mead said “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” Saanvi parents took it to heart. There are no two opinions when we say that Children are made readers on the laps of their parents and their hobbies can be cultivated. Saanvi was introduced to the world of books by her mother.


When asked how they were able to form a connection between Saanvi and our age-old cultural roots her mother recalls, “I used to buy her several books when she was a kid and I had to go to the office. But she developed a habit of going overly enthusiastic about every new book which came. Even before the delivery guy left the house she would ask me to open the book and then some people advised me not to let her read a lot as she was so young and it may cause an overload of information due to her young age. So I told her I won’t buy her a new book until she is done with the old ones. Then one day she discovered the only book she hasn’t read yet in the home and that was Bhagwat Geeta and that’s how it started” However her mother made sure that she learned the proper etiquettes of reading the holy scripture as it wasn’t just any other normal book. 


Furthermore, Saanvi’s talent caught the attention of an educator when she realized that the kid not only learned the shlokas but was able to comprehend the meaning behind it. Saanvi and her parents are extremely thankful to Krishna Priya ma’am for being Saanvi’s mentor and teacher. A distinguished educator, Krishna Priya never charged anything for teaching Saanvi and was always on her toes to help her out in any way she could. “I owe it all to ma’am,” said Saanvi when talking about her Guru.  “She brings out the best in me” she further added. Although she is very vocal about how she loves reading more, she enjoys basketball too and some outdoor sports as well.

A very humble child, Saanvi loves to write poems. Further she is interested in singing and science is her favorite field as she tries to learn more and more about space and astronomy. She even has interest in learning more facts about the world. We can very well say that her passion is learning. She recently wrote a poem on her ambition which initially states “I often wonder what is my ambition or what is my main mission..” Saanvi then entails all the things she has considered to be. By the end of the poem she has a clear scope that is “Space, ah, this is my place! Planets, comets, international space station, oh I’ve found my destination.” It is a beautiful poem written by Saanvi.

During the lockdown, she wrote many pieces and one such poem caught our attention. The poem is titled “Covid” and follows the rhyming scheme of ABAB “We all are stuck at home, the corona has spread everywhere. From China to the US, From Italy to Rome ” were the opening lines of her piece. When the world stopped due to Covid, Saanvi turned to pen. Even though we see a budding author in her, Saanvi’s parents make sure that she is not given any pressure and a load of any societal expectations. Growing in a learner-centric environment they make sure that Saanvi has the freedom to choose and be herself. Amidst the culture of helicopter parenting where children are hardly able to breathe, Saanvi’s upbringing brings a breath of fresh air. We wish Saanvi a very bright and radiant future ahead.



September 1, 2021

Saanvi ur passion for reading books reached to learn Gita n to understand the Gita which is really amazing ,u r child schlor who can explain everysloka in detail we r really very proud of u dear

September 2, 2021

Saanvi is a super child. She loves reading books. We are blessed to have such great child born in India. Children like Saanvi makes the country proud. Thank you Saanvi.

September 2, 2021

Congratulations dear Saanvi, your hard work and quench for knowledge will make you achieve the best in your life. This is just the beginning a lot more to come. All the best and keep up the hard work. You are a rockstar

September 2, 2021

Nice and cute girl reciting well;
All the best wishes to her

September 2, 2021

Very talented kid . Our country needs children like this

September 2, 2021

Hey, i am happy to see you once again saanvi. You happy-go-lucky girl warmest congratulations to you . I look forward to seeing even more blessings come to you in the future.

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