Saarush Gupta – The Child Prodigy

Saarush Gupta is an extraordinary kid from Hyderabad, Telangana. He is a genius in mathematics. He easily solves grade 7 maths questions being in grade 5. He creates his formulas and tricks for solving questions easily. His love for maths has also led him to be a programmer too and he has created around 100 games himself. At an early age when he was supposed to do simple addition and subtraction, he was very eager to learn more and forced his parents to teach him multiplication and division. That was the day his parents understood that he was not any usual kid but had the immense potential within him and were very delighted. 

He is a National award winner in spell bee and completed grade 7 maths at the tender age of 10. He is a state-level chess player and tills now completing making 100 games by computer programming. He is an ambivert and manages himself well alone and even with people very well. He is very caring, polite and loves being with family and spending quality time. His parent’s dream is to see him grow within his interests and be an AI Programmer or IAS officer to serve our nation. Seeing him winning a National award in the spell bee finale is one of the most memorable and delightful moments of their life. 

Being at this stage with such excellence is not easy and is a result of Saarush’s consistent and continuous process. He has always done hard work and showed great dedication towards learning and is keen to achieve all the laurels that come in his way. His parents Vikas Gupta and Reacha Jain Gupta, both being successful and humble always teach him by their actions on being calm, down to Earth, and always be respectful to others. They make sure that he is never under any kind of pressure from the expectations of society and always encourage him to keep on doing the good work. Also, they give him the freedom to explore and support him and help him to enhance his skills. Saarush is a very humble and helpful child with an intelligent mind and challenges himself to always be a better version of himself. He is interested in doing anything creative, sports and mathematics. Saarush’s Parents advice to other parents is to let the child grow organically and channel all their energy towards the right direction and just leave them to explore all their interests.

We are sure by now you would be amazed and impressed by this child prodigy who possesses such immense talent and also is an inspiration for other kids. This was all about Saarush Gupta and the Child Prodigy wishes him all the best to keep up the excellent work and for all his future endeavors.