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Mastery is not a function of I.Q. or natural talent or wealthy parents who can send you to the best school, but rather the result of going through a learning process, fueled by the desire to grow and the persistence to push past any obstacles” said the world renown American author Robert Green and we couldn’t agree more. There are numerous people born with innate talent but there are only a few who make a name for themselves and Sahaya finds his name in the list of those who does. Acknowledged as The Indian Kid of the year 2021 by The Indian Book of World Records, Sahaya is just sixteen months old.

Sahaya is what people call the wonder kid. This child prodigy has made a place for his name in seven world record books under the span of just fourteen months. These include, “Kalam book of records”, “Wonder book of records” and “International book of Records” as a super talented kid. In a conversation with Prodigy Team Sahya’s father shared that they discovered the child’s innate talent for quick learning when he was six months old. “We realized that even though he was not clear he started imitating whatever was said near him. He started articulating words and that was surprising” he said. He further explained that once they recognized his quick learning ability they used flashcards to help him remember. However keeping him interested is a task on its own, he gets bored easily, he continually wants to learn new things. “At this time kids are unable to pronounce Amma Appa and here he was learning words. He was really interested. We never tried forcing him to learn but he wanted to learn something new every day. He would get bored with fruits and won’t give it attention, then we came up with vegetables. Then he wanted something different again and now he has learned more than thirty Indian political leaders name” he further added.

Furthermore, Sahaya’s ability which makes him a prodigy just doesn’t end there. Recipient of Indian Excellency award Sahaya, not only learned the words but he can also recognize them. Human visual object recognition is impressive in several ways: it is fast, seemingly automatic, but most of the studies based on developmental changes in children’s visual recognition of common objects happen are generally taken during the period of 18 to 24 months. Moreover Sahaya is sixteen months old and possesses tremendous perfection in the ability which is extremely surprising. “He can pin point whatever he learns. If you ask him who this leader is by uttering the name he will tell you from the picture right away. He is also very curious by nature and opens all the toys we bring him to see how they work and then tries to rearrange them” added Sahaya’s father with a chuckle.

A very friendly kid, Sahaya loves to mingle with people and is almost never alone. Besides playing with his aunts, uncles and grandparents he also enjoys the company of pets. On being asked if they feel any kind of societal pressure as a parent of prodigy Sahaya’s parents shared, “There is pressure more like expectations. You should do this, enroll him here, follow this to make him better, make him learn here etc but we don’t take the pressure and nor are we willing to give it to our kid. He is free and will be able to choose whatever he wants to pursue in future freely” added Sahaya’s father. He also humbly obliged when asked to share some parenting tip for our readers. “Every child has some unique talents so never force them. Spend some quality time with them. If you spend some quality time with them you can explore their interests, find their talents and when we guide them correctly every child can become a prodigy” he said. Currently Sahaya is enjoying some quality time with his family and our team wishes him very good luck for his future ahead.







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