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At the age of five, Sai Janya can recognize up to 197 country flags and has learned periodic table. She is in her kindergarten and can recite up to 2-15 timetables and is currently learning abacus. She can identify up to 95 car logos and can talk about any topic. Sai Janya is a child prodigy from Bangalore.

In an interview with us, Sai Janya’s mother revealed that she used healthy, home-made food as reinforcement for her. Whenever, Sai Janya is in half mood to learn, her mother cooks food for her and uses the reward learning method. She explains that kids not just want to learn all day they need good environment with fresh air and therefore, her mother takes her to terrace everyday to play and have time together. She daily learns around 10 flags and can pronounce their name perfectly. It only took her around two months to learn 197 country flags.

Her secret is that, she eats healthy food and nuts every day. Sai Janya received acquisition award by India Book of Records. Interestingly, she was recognized for World Record for reciting 197 country flags in two minutes. Currently, she is preparing for Spelling Bee competition conducted in USA and is learning the spelling for big words and their pronunciation. Moreover, she is good in academics. She received Dr. Abdul Kalam World Records for an extraordinary grasping power genius kid for identifying the 195 country flags in 2 minutes 04 seconds.

Sai Janya’s parents have high expectations from her but do not pressurize her at all. Her relatives say that “extra-curricular is just waste of time so, concentrate on academics.” Her parents overlook such criticism and always remain resourceful towards her goals. Her mother responds “Teaching needs patience and politeness.” Sai Janya never watches television and her screen time is very low because she is not interested in it. Her mother makes her watch the stories of sports person which is inspiring for her. Sai Janya’s favorite sports person is P.V. Sandhu and she also has a hand-made poster of her.

Her mother revealed, “There are a lot of ups and downs in life, just move forward.” She requests every parent to always have positive energy and never throw negative energy on your child. The golden parenting tip is “always motivate your kids because without motivation no one can learn anything.” In recent times, parents do not have enough time for their kids and time is crucial for a child’s development. Parents should show some interests and always have confidence in your kids. Sai Janya’s mother said “Encourage your children, motivate them, show them inspiring videos and they will achieve anything they want to.”

Pandemic has taught them a lot. Her parents understood they should spared more time and focus on her interests. Sai Janya is very social child. She plays with her peer groups and inspires them also. She is a bold talker and a public speaker. Like every other child prodigy, she also maintains equilibrium between her academics and her extra-curricular.

Sai Janya’s public speaking topics various from Human Brain to Global Warning and from Favorite Sportsperson to Types of Vitamins. To conclude the interview she expressed “you can do it, whatever you want to.”

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