Samaira Bhatia: The All-Rounder


Child prodigies are extraordinary and talented children who can perform skillfully at a very young age. We must celebrate the uniqueness of every other child. Today we have with us another prodigy, Samaira Bhatia. She lives in Delhi and studies in Delhi Public School. She is an extraordinary all-rounder child who is very much confident and talented. She loves to explore different places and at a very young age, she has achieved a lot of milestones of success.

When asked by her parents about how they discovered the talent of Samaira, they told us that when she had performed in a show on the stage for the first time in her school, she left the audience as well as the teachers impressed with her extraordinary performance. Further, when we asked her parents about where do they see their child 10 years from now, they replied that they wish to see her on the stage of Ted X. 

Additionally, when asked about the personality trait of Samaira, they described her as an Extrovert person who is lively, confident, and enjoys the company of others.

Samaria likes to do modeling and is quite stylish. She has been recognized by The Times of India Fashion Week Company. Everyone was amazed to see that she was the youngest one to perform there and the perfection and confidence she carries with herself was worthy of recognition.

Hula hooping is an endless fun activity not only for kids but for people of different ages which increases flexibility, balance, and the core strength of an individual. It is a form of self-expression and activity that needs many hours of practicing. Samaira loves hooping and her dedication and hard work have earned her a World Record in Hoopla. 

This has made her parents very happy and proud. 

Her love for animals is unconditional and she also works for PETA. This shows us that she is a very kind-hearted soul. She is a very helpful child who loves her parents so much and tries to take care of them whenever there is a need.

Samaira’s parents Gaurav Bhatia and Kriti Bhatia often encounter the pressure of expectations that society holds from the child. But they don’t prescribe their child for any competition or debate. They always ask her whether she wants to participate or not and it depends on her choice what she wants for herself. They say that parents must nurture their child’s inner self and let them shine brighter for the uniqueness they hold in themselves.


The piece of advice that her parents would like to give to all other parents is that “Let the kids be themselves, let them choose what they think is best for them and give them wings so that they can fly themselves and reach the heights”. Her parents are glad to see that she has achieved a lot at a very early age. It gives them a sense of pride and wishes their daughter to lead a healthy and happy life. Her parents feel that she is perfect in every aspect and she will set the pillars of success.

This was a glimpse of Samaira’s talents and she is all set to achieve much more than this.

This was all about Samaira Bhatia. The child prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavours.