Samaksh: The Sharp-Minded Kid


Children of today are quite smart, illuminated from an early age, and talented in their ways. They are capable of achieving milestones at a very young age if their abilities are channelized in a proper direction and guidance is provided to them to nurture their talent. Today we will be talking about a sharp-minded child Samaksh, who is extremely talented, has exceptional memory and retention power. He is from Bangalore and studies in Eka Montessori. 

He is always excited to learn new things. You teach him only once and he will not forget it. His parents discovered his talent for the first time when he was 1.8 years old. At a very tender age, he has bagged two different awards from India’s Book of Records and Wonder Book of Records. 

He knows the names of more than 60 elements of the periodic table. He can recognize approximately 80 birds. He knows about our solar system and galaxy. He can recognize the continents and flags of different countries He also knows about the states and capitals of India. He knew the names of fruits, vegetables, colors, shapes of different objects, and names of different species of dinosaurs since the age of 2 years.

According to his parents Mr. Vijay Kumar (father) and Sheetal (mother) child prodigies do not isolate themselves from their peer mates but yes, they are sometimes busy in their world discovering their talents.

Our team asked his parents how would they ensure a normal childhood for Samaksh after he will get recognition and fame by getting featured on our platform?

They replied that he is very small to know about the fame but they will help him to grow into a humble human being who is down to earth. 

The most memorable moment of Samaksh for his parents was when he read a book at a very young age after teaching him only once. His retention power left his parents in astonishment

He is a kid who has immense love for nature and animals. He feeds the stray dogs in his street. He loves to listen to the chirping of birds and watch them fly. He likes to go on a walk with his parents and play with his friends in the park. He is very observant and puts up questions related to his surroundings.

His parents suggested that we must not force our kids for anything and must help them nurture their talent. Kids are very sensitive, they must be treated with love and care, their enlightenment is very necessary to help them explore their interests and help them achieve their respective goals.

He is very caring and sweet and never fails to offer help to her mother in the household chores. He completes his school homework on his own. He takes care of his things and always keeps his study table neat and clean. 

This was all about Samaksh. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him good health and all the very best for his future endeavors.