Samarth Sajjan: Young Skater

Skating is a type of action sport that originated in the United States. A lot of practice and hard work is required to excel at skating. Many observations and studies have said that to become a professional skater a person requires a minimum of five years of hard work and a lot of practice. But we met a young star skater named Samarth Sajjan. He began skating when he was four years old. He resides in Karnataka, in the city of Bangalore. Irappa s Sajjan and Shilpa m Sajjan were his parents. He is from a middle-class family and is very understanding.

Samarth Sajjan is a child with skating talent who has participated at the state level and he has learnt skating  from Kempegowda Skating Club under the guidance of Mr. Srinivas G K Coach. The mother of Samarth Sajjan said that he is very naughty and curious. He never hesitates in asking questions. Whenever her mother tries to teach him, instead of learning and concentrating on the studies asks questions. He gets friendly to others very easily and also has many friends. His parents aspires that he would someday play at the Asian level. At the age of 5, he participated in his first competition. It was an open state competition in Karnataka. 

His parents informed him that due to unforeseen circumstances, they are sometimes unable to provide him with facilities. Yet instead of creating a scene he understands the situation and does not bother us with it. He also has other hobbies like cycling, swimming, and sports. Many times, because of the pressure of competition he feels stressed but during these days his father does a great job. He helps and elevates his mood that also helps in boosting his confidence. 

Samarth Sajjan is a member of many clubs and he even participated in many competitions and won them. He has 14 gold medals, 7 silver medals, and 1 bronze medal to his name. Among the competitions in which he has competed are the following:

1) Two gold medals In July of 2017, the first Indoor National Roller Skating Championships .

2) Two silver medalists the 33rd open state speed roller skating championship was held in November of 2017.

3) One gold and one silver medal from the 2018 District Roller Skating Championship.

4) 1 silver medalist in the 2019 District Roller Skating Championship.

5) 3 gold Bangalore District selection trials 2020-21.

6) Three gold medals in the 2020-21 Karnataka’s state selection trials.

7) 2 gold medals in the 2020-21 National Roller Skating Championship.

8) 2021: 1 gold, 2 silver District selection trials in Bangalore.

9) Karnataka state selection championship 2021: 1 gold, 2 silver.

10) One gold, one bronze 2021 National Roller Skating Championship.

In the era of competitors, The Child Prodigy wishes a stroke of good luck to Samarth Sajjan. The young talent of our nation. We wish that one day we see him representing our nation on a global level.