Sana KM: The Upcoming Model & Dancer

Confidence makes a child feel ready to face the outer world with more acceptance, strength. It helps the child to take up new challenges and learn something from them. Today we will be talking about Sana KM, who is a confident and optimistic girl. She is quite famous on Instagram and YouTube for the reels she makes. She studies at Christnagar Junior School in Trivandrum, Kerala. She is the daughter of Mr. Kumar J and Mrs. Maya S.

Sana is only 5 years old, filled with enthusiasm and positivity. She radiates good vibrations wherever she goes. She is a charming girl who carries herself with grace and confidence. She is patient and has great concentration power. She is very flexible and adaptable to the environment. She loves dancing and acting and she is determined to follow her passion. She makes Instagram reels and YouTube shorts that are creative, engaging, and full of fun. This content has gained her a lot of followers on Instagram as well as on YouTube. She dances very well and the facial expressions she gives while dancing is breathtaking.

She loves to try on different styles. She is also into modeling and has been a part of Trivandrum Fashion Models. She has also participated in a Designer Show at Malappuram (Kerala) along with the Fashion Model Company. She has also been a contestant in the modeling show ‘Sundharikutty Season 3’.

After 10 years, her parents wish to see her as a successful and famous artist. Her parents also told us that they neither take the pressure of expectations from society nor let it pass on to Sana.

Her parents suggested a few parenting tips that be positive with your child, support and encourage them because miracles happen only at the right time.

She is an introvert and likes to have conversations with those she is comfortable with. She is very polite and treats others with respect. She always tries her best to help her mother with the household chores. She is a considerate child who takes of her friends as well as her family. She loves to spend a day out with her family. She is a fun-loving person who keeps her parents happy around her.

This was a glimpse of Sana’s talents and she is all set to achieve much more than this sooner or later.

This was all about Sana KM. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best in her future endeavors.