Sana Mehreen: The All Rounder Child

Children are unique and possess innate abilities. Today we will be talking about Sana Mehreen Sikkandar, who has a great concentration power. She hails from Bangalore, Karnataka. She studies at Global Indian International School, Whitefield Bangalore.

She is a multi-tasker and a focused person. She has been a quick and curious learner since she was very young. She is good at solving puzzles and mathematics questions. She is mainly interested in management, maths, reasoning, and economics.

Her parents Mr. Madar Sikkandar and Mrs. Jassila Sikkandar discovered her talent when she was around 1.5 years of age and could write all the alphabets, knew counting from 1-100, and could identify a lot of animals and birds.

Her parents visualize her as a thoughtful human being and a successful entrepreneur. After coming to know about her courage and perseverance, her parents feel that there are much more good things that are yet to come for her. After 10 years, she would have learned more about the industry she wants to be in and be a great leader who would inspire others.

Some of her achievements are listed below:

She won All India Rank 1 in Kidovators Innovation Challenge Olympiad.

She got 8th rank in an International Mars Spell Bee Competition.

She was the final winner and stood 1st in all the 3 Mathlathon Challenges.

She has also received the “Maths Wizard” Award.

She has won many gold medals in various Olympiads like NCO, IMO, NSO and IEO.

She has maintained 95% in all the exams and has also won the Scholar Award for Academic Excellence for all academic years.

She has attended the Model United Nations.

She has won an Entrepreneurship Challenge held in Singapore.

She has got her name registered in India’s Book of Records for performing Arm Rotation with folded hands about 40 times within a minute.

She has won several certificates for Essay Competition, Elocution Competition, Talent Hunt-Dance, Calligraphy, Article Writing, and Debate Competition.

She is also a good public speaker.

She is currently writing a book which might be published soon.

She is also working as a creative board member at SANA Edutech.

According to her parents, she is a sensible child and there is absolutely no pressure for her to perform or achieve something extraordinary because they feel that the kids perform their best under the stress-free scenario. They always support her in her success as well as failures and help her in making the right choices and having a balanced life. They also said that no one in this world is perfect and has many things to learn at every age and they will ensure her to stay grounded even after all the fame and recognition we will get.


For her parents, every moment they have spent with her is indeed a priceless memory. But some of the most memorable ones are:

When she used to enact as a teacher and teach her mother with love and compassion at a very young age of 2 years. She was extremely excited on her first day at Montessori when was 2 years and 4 months.

Some of the parenting tips shared with us by her parents are that believe in your child’s strength, help them to overcome their fears, be their pillar of strength and help them in boosting up their self-confidence.


Sana is also an amazing cook and sometimes prepares dinner for her parents after they get back from the office. Her mother is diabetic and she particularly takes care of her diet. She is very caring towards animals too. She once saw a wounded dog on the road, she asked her parents to stop the car and got him the medicines, applied them on his wound, and only boarded the car after ensuring that the dog was able to walk.

This was all about Sana. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.