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Wunderkind, a German term used to recognize those who achieve success
and fame early in their life literally translates to “wonder child” more
commonly known as Child prodigy. Sanjay  Arun kumar, a young kid of 6
years old is one such wunderkind hailing from Bangalore, India. Recently
competing in “Unique achiever brain power” Sanjay is a record holder with
fourteen world records and twelve national records in his pockets.


Sanjay also regularly participates in Olympiads based on
English, Maths and science and holds world ranking in them. Moreover, he loves
taking part in numerous extracurricular activities. He also won more than 130
prizes in various international and national contests on storytelling, drawing,
art and craft, fancy dress, speech, poster making, essay writing, map puzzle
solving, cube solving competitions. A Cricket enthusiast, his initial love for
Maths developed from the sports, he started learning about the numbers and fast
calculations from the cricket matches and commentary. Although he loves to play
this outdoor game, he is also a genius in Coding games. Sudoku solving,
commentator, newsreader, science explorer and QUIZ contests are just some of
the many areas he holds innate talent in. Moreover, his love for researching
extinct species and ancient times is increasing day by day.


Some may say that the unique abilities in kids arise as a
result of the innate talent of the child, and the energetic and emotional
investment that the child ventures, however it won’t be wrong to say that the
environment plays the dominant role, many times in obvious ways. Sanjay’s
Parents played a very seminal role in developing his talent. During the
conversation, When asked how did they realized that their kid is more than just
a sharp mind Sanjay’s mother shared, “He used to ask me a lot of questions, he
wants to explore new things then and there whenever he used to see a new thing
he wanted to know everything about it in depth, he won’t allow me to just brush
over it without proper in depth explanation. So that’s how we started exploring
more because of him and as he started learning more from us we realized his
innate talent.”


As they travel Sanjay is continuously exploring, he loves
to identify different logos asking about them from his parents. He also holds
another World record in identification of logos. Not taking his curiosity
lightly like many people do, they address each and every question. His mother
helps him a lot in finding the right platform to showcase his talents however
they make sure that he does whatever he wants to do in a fun way without ever
forcing him. When asked how they tackle the expectations of the society or
their own expectations with him Sanjay’s mother said, “Actually we suffered a
lot from all these pressures in our childhood so we don’t want our child to
have it, we allow him to do what he likes.” Sanjay’s parents are affirmative
that he will excel in whatever he does, and they will support him. “If he wants
to be a sportsman we will support him, he wants to go into academics we will
support him. We don’t put pressure on him to be a topper or to excel in
everything he is his own self” she further added.


Sanjay’s father is also very supportive of  his child and his new ventures. He doesn’t
put any unnecessary pressure on the young kid. “I feel I am born new when I am
with my child. I started learning with him as a companion not as a parent. I
let him do whatever he wants to try so that he understands which his strength
is. We are traveling along with him in his findings of what 
actually he is” he expressed with a humble smile. When asked how they ensure a normal childhood for Sanjay as Gifted children often struggle with interpersonal relationships with peers and they  find it difficult to relate to others due to high intelligence, Sanjay’s mother replied that their kid is very humble and never actually brags about his awards or recognition. “He never takes it to his mind, whatever he does it is done in a playful manner, he is not someone who brags about it. He is a normal kid, who is very friendly and plays with other children” she added with a smile. Sanjay’s recent love is Chess and football, although the mother and son duo are in  a little disagreement whether to call his game of throwing the ball around in the house football or not. However when Sanjay says “it is football” with twinkling little doe eyes, she readily accepts. “Well if he says football then it is football” she added jokingly.




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