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When god of Sitar Niladri Kumar ji and Ustad Sujaat Khan ji appreciates a child musician that is surely a child prodigy. Sanskriti Luthra aspires to be a musician on world platform and promote the value and ambience of Indian classical music. She is an avid learner and is very passionate about learning new things about sitar. 

Talking about her achievements she is Bal Pratibha puraskaar winner, 1st winner in quarantine khoj of NCR, 2nd in Mount Carmel inter-school competition, Child prodigy in a concert in DAV school, Child prodigy in Sri Venkateshwar International School, among semi-finalists in young Artiste. She impressed the god of sitar with her talent and received their blessings which confirmed that she is a child prodigy to her parents.

As an introvert Sankriti’s parents believe think that the notion is correct that child Prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their own zone. On being asked that after the features their child will get through this platform people will start recognizing her and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination. How would you ensure a normal childhood for your child? To which they answered “We should always teach to do, practice and perform best, fame is to flourish your talent , not to slow your progress. “

She is interested in Music, Sitar and Drawing the most. She is very passionate about Sitar and enjoys playing it. Her parents wants her to perform at global stage and promote the classical musical culture worldwide. Her parents are really proud of her achievements and consider every memory with her as a blessing. For them the most blissful memory is when they saw her receiving Bal Pratibha Puraskar.

When we asked her parents that if they the feel pressure of the expectations that society may hold from your child they replied in affirmation and said “Yes I feel sometimes, but I overcome as my child’s mental process is more important rang society and Indian classical music is about calmness.” They advise the parents to always support their child and just be with the children what they want to do, when hobby becomes profession it comes out best. They believe support is needed for child’s growth. Sankriti is very caring and emotional child, she respects all people and her parents are very proud of him.


Sankriti is very talented child and there is no doubt that she is a child prodigy. She represents the classical music culture at such a small age in times of rap culture. Her parents are proud of her and are very supportive and want the best for her. We wish Sankriti Luthra and her parents all the best for her future. 

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